The Joy of Jesus is Power

Have you ever wondered how everything started? Have you ever gazed out into space and thought about the vastness of outer space? when young people study science, they quickly realize just how much there is to know and also how little we do know. God is all knowing.

All wisdom and knowledge is found in Jesus Christ. People are beginning to look at religion as just another problem. Yet, God and Jesus are not necessarily religions per-se. God is a spirit. We must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth.

God is the power we need to move the elements in the universe to His perfect will. God gave us Jesus to place our faith in His love. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. God raised Jesus from the grave so that we may live forever in perfect peace and love forever. We thank God and Praise for everything that He has done for us for The Joy of Jesus. We must recognize the fullness of God in all that we do in life.

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