How Can Business and Blogs Make Money?

Can blogs and business work together to make money? This is a rather serious question. The short answer is yes. The truth is they are different markets. Business sole purpose is to make money. Blogs are another matter.

The real question is, why do people blog. This question has been raised in a number of blog forums. The responses are quiet interesting. There are some bloggers are a major form of self-expression. People share deep feelings and thinking regarding their blogs. People also wish to share important information they wish to impart. Yet, business blogs are generally directed to their costumers to provide information to gain awareness to ultimately conduct business.

In conclusion, blogs are a new form of communication to impart information. Both business and the public use blogs effectively. The online community networks blogs, Twitter, Face-book and Blog-logs. AdSense aligns ads with content. The question regarding money id a specific goal of the individual or organization. The answer for me is to share your best thinking and feelings and live with it. If you make money in the process, it is all for the best. What do you think.

Can Small Businesses and Blogs Save the Economy?

The world economy is still struggling to move forward. Each nation is attempting to save their respective systems through stimulus programs. The financial system needs recovery and to restore credit. The large cooperation began to use layoffs and cost cutting to save their operations. The only hope is in the small business sector.

Moreover, the small business sector is being driven by the online community. This provides excellent opportunity for people to Twit and Facebook to making money and creating jobs. The question is how does one make it all happen?

In conclusion, this blog is dedicated to the promotion of ideas, business and blogs that bring people together in new ways. We promote international relations, business, and human diversity. Visit my promotional site at We can share and promote ideas. Tell your contacts about this opportunity. I have been faithful in visiting and following blogs of all sorts, I encourage you to do likewise. Yes we can save this economy, if we work at it.

Is The Race Question Interferring w/ The Economy?

The media is looking at the Dr. Henry L. Gates arrest and charges of racism, more so than the economy and health care. As I watched the news people are concerned that The President spoke out on this issue.

The real problem is health care was pushed back. There are 47 million people with out insurance. There are roughly 30 million people out of work. What are we doing?

Sure, the President did not start the health care problem, nor did he make the unemployment numbers rise, and he did not invent racism. However, he did promise to address these issues.

In conclusion, the Clintons said it best, " It is the economy stupid." Yes there are racial, gender, ethnic and orientation problems that must be addressed. However, it is another issue when you do not have a job or insurance and the whole situation just makes you sick. What should we do?

Are We Coming Out of The Recession?

I wonder is the recession coming to an end. How will we know it is over? Is it like a storm and it stops raining? Does some bell go off and the kids come off the play-yard and that's it. As you can see, I am fishing for answers tell me what do you think? Also what can we do? Please comment.

Why Promote You Business or Blog?

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When people promote, they are looking around at other promotions. I like to see what people are doing. I always what to how,what, and why they are doing what they do? Then I learn. I make adjustments and grow.

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We need to rethink how we promote blogs. We need to know how this blog will serve us. People want to be entertained. We need good information in a quick format. The visuals must be appealing to the eye. There is also a need for interaction and options. Tell me, what do you think?

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What Do Readers Need?

Readers are what real Blogs want. Business needs readers as well. The real question is what do readers need? People online are all over the place looking for traffic. This can be quiet trying.

Readers need information and ideas. People need to motivated,to get some release of stress and make money. Sure, hit a Google Ad and someone pays, and another gets paid. The concept is simple in design.

In conclusion, what do readers need? We need to know that someone is a real person is writing the words. That some one understands. I want to build a powerful network. I need people with ideas that want to help each other grow. One person can not do it. The great idea is keep following and following. I will follow you. I will promote you. I will help you too. Just keep pushing. Tell me what do you think, and why?

We Need to Promote 100 Blogs

I am 80 short of my goal of 100 Blogs. I will follow, I will join and I will comment on your blog. Join me and tell other Bloggers who may need help or just starting.

Promote Yourself

I need you to tell me and promote what you are doing in my comment section. Promote yourself. Promote your blog. Promote your Business. Promote. Promote, PROMOTE!!!

Promote Yourself

I need you to tell me and promote what you are doing in my comment section

The Business of Living...

The world has had an experience that has called into question: What do we do now? I am focus on my business. I want to grow my business by helping others grow their business.

Business today has taken on a broader meaning than making money. We need to expand our personal agendas to create opportunity to help people gain employment. The economy needs people believing in moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

In conclusion, the business of living is one of deep caring about the livelihood of people. Sure money is important ,but people are more valuable. I am convinced that if we demonstrate more concern for people and the environment the money will be there. The question of how will this take place is in order. Tell me what do you think?Blog directory

Say Good-bye To Micheal Jackson

I want to say good-bye to Micheal Jackson. You were not perfect and had many problems that we may never know or understand. Yet, I love you and your music. Your songs made me dance and almost cry. We will miss you but your music will last forever. I will encourage all people to share their thoughts and feels in our comment section. I wish you all love and peace.

Life Online ?

The more I think about life the more I realize that I am spending a lot of time online. Do you find yourself doing the same thing too? Do you spend time reading the news, paying bills or watching YouTube?

Perhaps you have a business. You could have, Myspace or Face-book. There may be a social network you have, or an assignment to do for a project. Life as we know it has changed. Twitter is hot as I speak. I say good morning and good night each day. Do you?

Life online is going to be a song one day.You can be what you want it to be if you so desire. Meeting people, visiting different blogs, making deals and connecting with a world without reality or limits. Pease tell me: "What Do You Think?'

In conclusion, I am excited by all of the remote possibilities. You can do and who you want to be online. You can even be yourself if you like. My son lives online. The strange thing about it; so do I. What about you? Follow me and I will follow you.