Promote Yourself Tell Me Everything!

I want to know the important thing you do and like about your blog/business or interest. I want to promote your idea. Please comment and read the others as well. We can build a new network of information and get rich. The Dream.


  1. The reason why I started blogging, was to get a readers base for the book that I'm finishing. It's like marketing with the true stories and personal philosophies from my life. My goal is to find people who enjoy my type of writing,and hopefully they will be interested in purchase the book titled "Rewarded for being Me!"


  2. Great comment. I hope people will enjoy and appreciate your insight to life. Thank you for the comment. Keep us updated.

  3. Do you know why am I'm blogging??

    haha, I just wanted to have all my issues solved and together. And from that weird thing came out COMPUTO PRACTICO, my blog =D

  4. I am not clear on this comment,but some times our ideas need development. Once this occurs, ones ideas are better communicated. This is what we are seeking. What do you think is a real question. This question requires a real answer. Thank you so much.

  5. I just love random celebrity gossip

  6. About Me
    Hi, I am irtiza104 and this is my little space in this blogosphere. I live in a beautiful university campus in Bangladesh. I am a writer, sketch artist, photographer and a student. I author two blogs which I feel really passionate about. IMO my best quality is that I'm not a quitter and I always try my level best to finish what I've started.

    About My Blog
    My first blog is Life as i know it. It was founded on August 1, 2008. When I first started blogging I had little or no knowledge about it. At first I just saw blogging as a way to keep an online diary. But soon realized that it was much more than that. Basically Life as i know it is a blog aimed to improve the world as well as the inner self. There are lots of posts about self improvement, poverty removal, peace promotion, conscious living and environment. There are some personal pages to.

    My blog is here:

  7. Blogging was (and still is) a very new channel of communication for me. Now that I sorta have the hang of it, with regular posts, feedback from readers and further encouragement from friends, I find that it is THE vehicle to promote services.

    I run a home based confectionery, providing custom made baked cakes, decorated cookies, cupcakes, and other desserts. I've always enjoyed writing and this form of media is definitely right up my alley!

    I would however love to have more hits. So I now join your site (and will be clicking on your blog frequently) in the hope that you join mine and start clicking on mine too.


  8. These are wondeful blogs to visit, comment and join. We can become a powerful network by suppoert each participant. Thank you so much. If you have a friend that needs a follower do direct them to us. Thank you for your comment.