New Groups

I did not realize the number of groups online. There so many groups that I got lost in their memberships, events ,profiles, and promotions.I wonder if anyone is really interested? I think each person is so busy marketing and selling we lose real communication?

I would like to restore a sense of community where people can slow down and think. A Place where one could enjoy a cup of coffee and not have to type. My coffee gets cold because I online too long. My ideas get rather cold as well.

I was lost in group-ville but now I am home. My coffee keeps getting cold and I am trying hard to communicate. What do you think?

However, I do see some groups on the west coast have mastered the online venue. They are networking on a different level. Perhaps the world is different than the Midwest? The great thing thing is I am learning. What I know is a different question? What do you think? Maybe I should drink my coffee in one of those new mug that keep it warmer longer? What if I learn to enjoy cold coffee? What do you think?

Going Nowhere Fast..

Have noticed that people are driving faster? I wonder why? Cars, SUVs and vans are on the move. Gas prices are rising fast. I just bought an American sports car and it is fast. However, I drive slow. Dose that make any sense?

I am concerned about gas mileage. The really burns fuel like water which is also expensive, When will we ever get a break. Prices are going up. Jobs are cutting pay. We need a break.

Time off and time out may be in order. Where shall I go and what should I do? Money plays such an important role in what we do. I would sit at home but my rent is high. I feel like a kid at an amusement park that wants everything and can n0t afford cotton candy nor the stomach ache. What do you think? Maybe I am not going cast enough, but I need to go faster.

I Can Not Wait!

Have you ever really wanted something to happen and when it did come about you were fickled about it? That is what I feel about summer time. I want warmer weather but not too hot. I want the perfect day. What do you think is the perfect temorture? I think 78degrees is just right.
I do not wish to so hot that the car seats are burning your legs.
What city has the perfect temporature year round? There are many reports San Diago is just right. What do you think?

I just what to have fun. Cook-outs and bike riding are fun things to do. Going on long walks is also fun. Parks are a great place to be in the good old summer time. We need actually less fun and more work. The economy is still bad. People are losing their jobs. I wonder when the jobs will come back. The government can only do so much.

We need a cooperate leader to really step up and make things happen. We should all go out and buy an American car. We need to find out what is the true meaning of the green movement. Last week my wife and I planted an organic garden for sick patients. I want to save the planet and make money. Perhaps I can start a green movement for idiots. Tell me what do you think?

The First Warm Day!

The holiday is upon us. Memorial Day is a time to pay tribute to our armed service people who have died in combat and for all whom have served our nation. This is also a great time to think about what is important to our nation. Well , I will finish this post latter.

Try Harder......

Lately I have worked hard to get readers of my blog. This is not a easy task. As you may be aware, I have join a number of groups that tell me some rather wonderful ideas. E-mail is another great tool that wants me to lose weight, win a lap-top and a free world cruise just by saying yes to something I do not need nor want.
The latest idea is to work harder. Join more groups, make new friends ,and write more interesting posts. People will follow you if you follow them.
The answer is clear. Try harder. Perhaps if I applied this great ideas to other facets of my life I will see better results. I wonder if I picked up on a hot issue will make a difference? What do you think?

Be Happy!!!

Right now I feel so happy. Do you ever feel happy some days? When I look outside it is raining. If I checked my bank account I dont' see any thing that makes me happy. Why do I feel this way? What do you think?

How do you feel? I am still trying to promote my blog. I started a new group called: Fun Blogs. The goal is for blogger to share and promote their respective blogs. It is important to develop ideas to help people connect.

The reason I am so happy is that I see a better future for everyone. We all need to be happy no matter the reason. Yeah I am alive! My blog is somewhat weak but it is getting stronger. I really want people to be happy. I wish I could tell a great joke like did you ever hear about the blog that got away? Tell me, what do you think? Just be happy!

I Love My Blog.....

Have you ever thought about the things you love in life? For instance your family, mother, community, sports, fashion, and your old high school are all good things. I too love these things and so much more in life. When I think about the thing in my life that needs more love at this time is my blog. What do you think?
The experts suggest that one should share their blog with family members and friends. I did just that, every one had a good laugh. I want so badly for people to find my blog interesting. Often it feels like some middle age guy just rambling on asking: What do you think?
Perhaps we are living in a world where thought is limited at best. I wonder what other people are thinking. May be people are worried about money. Jobs are being lost at a high rate. I bought an American car.

Trying to Get Readers....

Lately, I have been attempting to get readers for my blog. This is a painful experience. Yet, one may learn a great deal in the process. Tell me what do you think?
There are numerous sites that claim they may direct 50 K. visitors to your blog for a fee. This term sounds too much like free, the word I am seeking.
Group and clubs are a good path to take, I have join about 50 at this point and will probably join about ten per day. What do you think? Some of groups have funny names like idiots on line and so forth.
Networking online is a big business. There are so many organizations to select from, all of which require a fee; not free.
Perhaps I should work on content more, this may increase my effectiveness. I could talk a little more about hope. People love hope. Yes, I hope I get more readers. One thing is for certain besides taxes and death--I will be in more groups. What do you think?

Spring Time is a Great for Thinking!

I love springtime. The air is warmer and winter drifts away and everything becomes new. Thinking can take on new ideas about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What you think about springtime? Dose it make you think about traveling new places?
May is such a wonderful month. The economy is looking a little better. Energy bills are dropping. The green movement is a good thing. I just hate when people wear green just to exploit the movement. I wonder how people really think and feel about saving the planet?
Nevertheless, the flu is a real concern. People think that it will cover the planet. Can the green movement address this matter? I hope we can get out in front of this problem. Washing hands and disinfecting all public space is a great idea. What do you think? I really hope that education becomes the number one issue in the world. What do you think? Everyone will be smarter and kinder. I think this spring will give us a new life and time to do some good for all people. What do you think?