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Health Care Break-through!

There seems to be a break-through on health care reform? What do you think? Read the following news from the NY-Times:Welcome to TimesPeople
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Democrats Clinch Deal for Deciding Vote on Health Bill
Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times
Senator Ben Nelson announced his vote for cloture on a health care bill on Saturday.

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Published: December 19, 2009
WASHINGTON — Senate Democrats said Saturday that they had clinched an agreement on a far-reaching overhaul of the nation’s health care system and forged ahead with efforts to approve the legislation by Christmas over Republican opposition.

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A blog from The New York Times that tracks the health care debate as it unfolds.

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Congressional Budget Office Score for the Health Bill
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Brendan Smialowski for The New York Times
Sen. Ben Nelson, right, agreed after hours of negotiation Friday to back the Senate Democrats’ legislation, making him the pivotal 60th vote.
As the Senate convened in a blizzard, Democratic leaders hailed a breakthrough that came when Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, agreed to back the bill after 13 hours of negotiations on Friday, making him the pivotal 60th vote for a measure that President Obama has called his top domestic priority.

“Change is never easy, but change is what’s necessary in America,” Mr. Nelson said at a morning news conference. “And that’s why I intend to vote,” he said, “for health care reform.”

Mr. Obama, appearing on television from the White House, said: “Today is a major step forward for the American people. After nearly a century-long struggle, we are on the cusp of making health care reform a reality in the United States of America.”

The legislation, the most significant overhaul of the nation’s health care system in more than a generation, seeks to extend health benefits to more than 30 million uninsured Americans.

The blinding snow outside the Capitol added to what had already been a chaotic few weeks for the Senate, which has met every day since Nov. 30 and was working through its third consecutive weekend. The sergeant-at-arms had four-wheel-drive vehicles at the ready to bring lawmakers in for votes. And while senators wore the jackets and ties required on the Senate floor, dress shoes gave way to boots.

Mr. Nelson committed his vote after winning tighter restrictions on insurance coverage for abortions, as well as increased federal health care aid for his state.

With Senate leaders increasingly confident that they would pass the bill, Mr. Nelson pointedly warned that he would oppose the final version if negotiations with the House, which approved its bill last month, result in changes that he does not like.

But House liberals are expected to resist some concessions made in the Senate. To secure the votes of centrist holdouts, Senate leaders dropped a proposed government-run health insurance plan, or public option, and an alternate plan to let some people ages 55 to 65 buy coverage through Medicare, both favored by liberals.

Because the Democrats nominally control 60 seats in the Senate — the precise number needed to overcome a Republican filibuster — every senator in the Democratic caucus effectively has veto power over the bill. No Republican is willing to support it.

“The lines are drawn,” said Senator Richard M. Burr, Republican of North Carolina. “He has to get 60 votes. If he doesn’t get 60 votes, the American people win. If he does get them, America’s payback will come in the form of the 2010 elections.”

Not all Democrats have publicly said they will vote for the bill, but Senate leaders and senior White House officials believe they have agreement.

“All Senate Democrats stand shoulder to shoulder with President Obama and the American people, who know that inaction is not an option,” the majority leader, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, said at a news conference.

Faced with Republican resistance that many Democrats saw as driven more by politics than policy disagreements, Senate Democrats in recent days gained new determination to bridge differences among themselves and prevail over the opposition.

Lawmakers who attended a private meeting between Mr. Obama and Senate Democrats at the White House on Tuesday pointed to remarks there by Senator Evan Bayh, Democrat of Indiana, as providing some new inspiration.

Mr. Bayh said that the health care measure was the kind of public policy he had come to Washington to work on, according to officials who attended the session, and that he did not want to see the satisfied looks on the faces of Republican leaders if they succeeded in blocking the measure.

The measure would extend health benefits by expanding Medicaid and providing subsidies to help moderate-income people buy private insurance. It would require nearly all Americans to obtain insurance or pay financial penalties for failing to do so.

By redrawing the health care sector, the legislation stands to reshape roughly one-sixth of the American economy.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the legislation would cost $871 billion over 10 years, with the expense more than offset by revenues from new taxes and fees and by reductions in government spending, particularly on Medicare.

The budget office said the bill would reduce future deficits by $132 billion over that period.

Republicans have accused Democrats of using accounting tricks to hide the true cost of the measure, which they predicted would be huge, particularly if Congress did not follow through with the Medicare cuts.

In place of the public option, the Senate bill would create at least two national insurance plans modeled after those offered to federal workers, including members of Congress. The bill includes a new government-run long-term-care insurance program. And it imposes tight new regulations on the health insurance industry, barring insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions and limiting how much extra they can charge based on age.

Good News on Employment

Things are looking up on the employment front. We can all move forward to creating more jobs 2010. What do you think? Please read the following:

The unemployment rate is falling!
By Hibah Yousuf, staff reporterDecember 18, 2009: 1:46 PM ET

NEW YORK ( -- The balance has shifted: More states reported declining unemployment in November than posted increases, according to a government report released Friday.

The national unemployment rate improved to 10% last month as joblessness fell in 36 states and the District of Columbia, according to the Labor Department's survey on state unemployment. The rate rose in eight states and held steady in six.

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The last time unemployment rates declined in more states than they climbed in was April.

"It's an encouraging sign that something different is happening, but I still believe unemployment is headed higher from here," said Well Fargo senior economist Mark Vitner.

In a normal economy, Vitner said about 100,000 people enter the workforce each month. As the economy recovers from the worst downturn since the Great Depression, that number could double each month for at least a year, he said.

That would mean that more than 2 million jobs would have to be created over the year just to keep the unemployment rate from rising.

"We're not that far from a point where job gains will outweigh job losses, but that's not enough to reduce the unemployment rate," he said

And right now, there are still 15 states reporting jobless rates above the national average. And all 50 states and the nation's capital recorded increases in their jobless rates from a year ago.

How is the unemployment rate calculated?
In October, 29 states and the District of Columbia posted month-over-month increases in unemployment, and 13 reported rates above the national rate, which had hit a 26-year high of 10.2%.

As a result, Vitner believes that even as layoffs continue to slow, the unemployment rate will climb and peak during the middle of 2010.

But some economists are cautiously optimistic.

"We're not getting excited for sharp declines because people will return to the workforce as we start to create jobs, and that will slow the decline," said Craig Thomas, senior economist at PNC Financial Services Group. "But we will see a continued drop in unemployment rates."

With 14,000 job losses during the month, Michigan had the highest unemployment rate, at 14.7%; although, that was down from 15.1% in October. This is the 12th straight month that Michigan, which has been ravaged by the collapse of the auto industry, has posted an unemployment rate above 10%.

Solution to Detroit's jobless: Move
But Michigan is still far from its recorded high of 16.9% unemployment in November 1982.

Vitner said the number of people dropping out of Michigan's labor force has rescued it from plunging further.

Rhode Island had the next highest rate at 12.7%, followed by California, Nevada and South Carolina, each at 12.3%.

North Dakota continued to post the lowest unemployment rate, showing 4.1% in November. It was followed by Nebraska, at 4.5% and South Dakota, at 5.0%.

A majority of states showed very slight month-over-month increases or decreases in their unemployment rates, but a few had significant jumps. The jobless rate in Kentucky fell to 10.6% from 11.3%, while it dropped to 8.2% from 8.8% in Connecticut. The unemployment rate in Florida rose to 11.5% from 11.3% the previous month.

Unemployment continued to be the lowest in the Northeast region of the country, coming in at 8.7%. The West again had the highest regional jobless rate, at 10.6%, though that was a slight decline from the previous month.

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Meet the long-term jobless

What Outcomes should a Jobs Summit Produce?

The White House hosted a Jobs Summit with all of the nations big corporations regarding employment. The outcomes of this meeting should produce the following results:

1. Full employment for all people.

2. Additional capital for small businesses.

3. Tax relief for six months for all people.

4. Full scholarships and jobs for anyone who wants higher education or training in job grow areas,i.e. green tech and economic and community development.

Dithering, Tiger and Gate-Crasher?

The news has been filed with calls of dithering, tiger and gate-crasher when none it creates jobs. Do you ever wonder what is rally going on in the world that reality may left about 20 years ago?

The term dither means to be weak and uncertain, to be confused. Dick Cheney (former Vice-President of The U.S.A.) has accused President Obama of dithering on the Afghan War. We just need to leave them alone. Let us dither on that. Stop War.

It is also in the news that Tiger Woods the great golfer was in a auto accident in the dead of night. There are reports TMZ that the and his wife had a spat and the vehicle was hit or the windows were knocked out by his wife with a golf club to rescue him. There is suspicion that she actually knocked Tiger out.

There are also reports in the news when a reality t.v. star crashed the White House State Dinner and bragged about it. Noe people will be fired and possible jail time.

Overall, we are living in a time when there are few things in life that makes sense when it comes to the media. We need not dither on anything. We need jobs. Tiger and his problems are his, not ours. The gate crashers in to crash a federal prison if they broke the law and then do a t.v. program on doing stupid stuff and paying for it. Let us not dither anymore, we need jobs now, we need peace, and we need all the people who want to be on t.v. go to Afghanistan and seek peace with cameras. Please tell me what do you think?

Will The Economy get Better?

The Christmas shopping season got a real boost. There were some super sale items that drove the buying. Lap Tops and Flat Screen T.V.s were hot tickets. If the price is right, people will buy. This will create jobs.

The economy is driven by perceptions. In other words, how people feel. The more people spend and buy the better it gets. The key word is confidence.

In closing, our leaders must always exhibit confidence. They must be bold in their thinking and actions. Jobs give people life. The more jobs developed the better off we all will be in the future. Please, tell me, what do you think?

Thanksgiving Day.

I want to thank you for following this blog. I really appreciate you so much. I have tried to provide with my views in order to be helpful. God Bless You and Your Family.
Do visit our other site. We invite you to join our group at

Thank you all.

Pro business and Jobs

I have been fighting for a full employment act for a very long time. We need jobs badly. If you have a job you should be concerned because the fewer people working the more others may get laid off. We must look to new areas to create work. I have joined a new movement that should draw your attention. Please review the following info and share . Please tell me, what do you think?

NewsroomGrantsCareersStay Connected This Site All Kauffman Sites Home

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009 Exceeds 1,000 U.S. Partners Across All 50 States
Barbara Pruitt, The Kauffman Foundation
(816) 932-1288,

Nova Halliwell, M Booth & Associates
(212) 481-7000,

Tennessee, California and Michigan Lead the Way in Educating and Inspiring Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Nov. 16 – 22
Interactive Activities Calendar Helps Locate Regional Events for Participants

Washington, DC (Nov. 5, 2009) – More than 1,000 partners – including top universities, non-profit organizations, successful entrepreneurs, government agencies and corporate sponsors – have currently signed up to support and initiate activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week/USA 2009, Nov. 16 - 22. The Week will engage young people in 87 countries around the world and encourage them to pursue entrepreneurial ideas through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

Those interested in participating can identify a host of activities, including virtual and face-to-face events, large-scale competitions and intimate networking gatherings through the interactive Global Entrepreneurship Week activities calendar. The activities calendar, which lists hundreds of events across the United States, can be searched by key word or sorted by location to help participants access the Week’s many resources and events.

Among the notable activities included in the calendar is NYSE Euronext Mentoring Madness, which brings together well-known entrepreneurs – like Snoop Dogg and Blake Mycoskie of TOMS Shoes – with more than 200 local college students and aspiring entrepreneurs to create an open dialogue about successful entrepreneurship.

Also included on the calendar are movie screenings for "Ten9Eight," a documentary that chronicles the stories of the teenage entrepreneurs who arrive in New York City for a grueling day of presentations in a national business plan competition organized by the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). You'll find more information on these and other featured activities on the site.

Co-founded in 2008 by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in the United States and Make Your Mark, a business-led, government-backed campaign in the United Kingdom, Global Entrepreneurship Week is designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

"During last year’s inaugural Global Entrepreneurship Week, we engaged more than 3 million people in more than 75 countries around the globe," said Carl Schramm, president and chief executive officer of the Kauffman Foundation. "With the support generated so far in 2009, we're set to reach even more young people, inspiring them to acquire the knowledge, skills and networks needed to grow innovative, sustainable enterprises that have a positive impact on their lives and communities."

States with the highest number of partner organizations to date include: Michigan (93 partners); California (90 partners); Pennsylvania (53 partners); New York (49 partners); Massachusetts (44 partners); Tennessee (44 partners); Texas (38 partners); Virginia (37 partners) Missouri (36 partners); Ohio (29 partners).

States with highest number of confirmed activities to date include: Tennessee (52 events); California (41 events); Michigan (40 events); Florida (37 events); New Jersey (31 events); New York (29 events); Massachusetts (25 events); Oklahoma (22 events); Pennsylvania (20 events); Wisconsin (19 events).

Organizations supporting Global Entrepreneurship Week include Global Sponsor NYSE Euronext; Global Partners Endeavor, Junior Achievement Worldwide (JA), Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), DECA, the Prince’s Youth Business International, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), UK Department for Business Innovation and Skills, MIT Enterprise Forum, the European Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs, and Youth Enterprise and Sustainability.

To view a complete list of participating countries and organizations, or to learn more about the Week, visit

About Global Entrepreneurship Week
With the goal to inspire young people to embrace innovation, imagination and creativity, Global Entrepreneurship Week will encourage youth to think big, turn their ideas into reality, and make their mark. From Nov. 16-22, 2009, millions of young people around the world will join a growing movement to generate new ideas and seek better ways of doing things. Tens of thousands of activities are being planned in dozens of countries. Global Entrepreneurship Week is founded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Make Your Mark campaign. For more information, visit, and follow @unleashingideas on Twitter.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009

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Could Health Care Reform be Lost?

The off-year election results are in and the Democrats lost two important states. New Jersey and Virginia were piked-up by The Republicans. This may have been the kiss of death for health care reform. The real question is why dose these results kill reform?

In order to really move legislation in Washington D.C. is to have a mandate. Time has run out. The buzzer has gone off. Do we really need reform? Will it cost too much? Will reform get more people covered? Should a jobs bill gone before health reform? The answer to all of these question is, yes.

A more important question is, what will happen now? The answer to this question is somewhat historic in nature. The word is nothing. Our system is set-up for people with resources. Those who are in poverty will most likely stay in poverty. The middle-cast will stay in the middle and the rich will no doubt get what? Richer.

In closing, as for me I will continue to hope for the best. The same rules apply. We must do our best for ourselves. The true reform is get yours. Do not worry about your neighbor. Just do what you must do. Get yours. Sure we thought that there would be change. We got it. Things have gotten worst. The philosophy of do for self is a hot ticket. The have not are simply out of luck. I am sorry but that is what I think. Please tell me, what you think?

Why dose Change Hurt?

It is ones understanding that change is a good thing. We must embrace change. The future is all about change. There are change agents. This is a wonderful thing. Yet, change seems to be painful. Just following health care reform, it has become rather painful. Why does change hurt?

Have you ever wondered why all of the industrial nations offer health care to all, and The U.S. dose not? do you ever considered that The U.S. pays more for health care? The answer has become clear to me. There are people with power who simply want to make money and not really care about people without.

Change is a funny word. People who can avoid it are happy and embrace it well. On the other hand, the people who have to eat stuff and die so to speak get the pain and change. Our jobs are gone. Taxes are too high; we are at war (for what?), and our children are being hit with violence. Some one may ask, what change, just more of the same.

In closing, some change is good and a lot of it is bad. Poverty is on the rise. We must ask ourselves what changes do we need and what change do we want? The real question are we prepared for change? If we are, it is must easier to deal with as it happens. We must live with just. But, do we have to like it? I hope for three things regarding change. One, full empolyment,secondly, haelth care for all, and finally, peace for. Please tell me: What do you think?

Can Health Care Reform get any Uglier

Health care reform is turning up the heat on the so called public option. What we need is affordable health care for all people. Big money could care less. I hope there can be some jobs out of deal. What do you think?

Liberal groups to protest insurers Posted: Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:14 PM by Mark Murray
Filed Under: Democrats

From NBC's Kelly Paice
Leaders of the left-leaning groups Health Care for America Now (HCAN) and say they're organizing an anti-insurance rally outside tomorrow's annual conference of health insurance companies. In a phone conference with reporters, HCAN's national campaign manager, Richard Kirsch, said it's "a crime to deny care" and that the nation's insurance companies represented by America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) have "harmed people grievously in order to increase profits."

Tomorrow's rally will highlight seven families' stories of being denied care by insurance companies. In response to the study AHIP released last week criticizing health-care reform, Kirsch said that the anger of the American people was "like a dam breaking," and that AHIP had "hit the panic button" at that point when they put out "this bogus report."

One face of the rally tomorrow will be Ian Pearl of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, who was born with muscular dystrophy and requires 24-hour care. Guardian Insurance is planning on canceling his policy at the end of this year, according to his mother Susan Pearl. Susan suggested that Ian's case puts a face "on the horrendous insurance company abuse that countless Americans experience on a daily basis." She called what insurance companies are doing "illegal discrimination," and she will be participating in the rally outside the Capital Hilton hotel in Washington, D.C. tomorrow to share Ian's story and end the insurance companies' "business as usual" approach to providing care.

MoveOn Executive Director Justin Ruben added, "This is really the home stretch for health-care reform," and last week's "attempt to derail health care reform" by AHIP shows that insurance companies have "more interest in protecting profits than patients." Ruben announced the release of two upcoming MoveOn ads -- a Washington Post print ad and a television ad starring actress Heather Graham -- condemning the insurance industry for opposing health-care reform and also reinforcing the message that the public option is the best way to lower costs for families.

When asked about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi moving towards pushing a robust public option, Kirsch said, "The thing that people have to remember is that the public option is not just about ideological banter. This is about the quality of care... It's also about saving money and making health care more affordable."

Also, when asked about Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds (D) saying that, if he won the governorship and was given the choice, he would consider taking Virginia out of the public option, Kirsch replied that especially for a Democrat running for office "stepping away from the public option is dumb."


Everyone wants their own interests to be addressed as the major priority but anyone who fails to recognize that those biases can simply be used against them, to deceptively manipulate them, surrenders to a weakness that can be extremely costly. The best example of that is in what transpired in 2000 – 2008 resulting in very significant costs to the majority (95+%) while Special Interests and a select few were constantly placated and greatly benefited. Anyone who denies that reality simply accepts the deception and manipulation that has contributed greatly to the drastic problems we are facing and then they are simply making themselves vulnerable to being used again. The protests and aggressive resistance being initiated at the guidance of Special Interests and with the support of irresponsible, self-indulgent representatives is aggressively aimed to appeal to people’s emotions based on their biases, prejudices and emotional attachments and is just another example of people being used against their own best interests. There is no denying that all proposals, Obama’s or anyone’s, need the benefit of honest and conscientious, bipartisan fine-tuning, which is the real responsibility of our representatives who need to focus totally on the best interests of the people, all of the people. What we need to reject today is those who seek to confuse, deceive, mislead, manipulate and use us, not for our best interests but rather for their own purposes in benefiting the few who greatly support them. The truth today has to be very obvious to anyone who can check their biased blindness to be truly objective and rational, realizing it is in their own best interests to do so, to see the past and the current aggressive and arrogant efforts to dishonestly manipulate and take advantage of the American public. For sure Barack Obama doesn’t have all of the right answers and he isn’t capable of resolving everything alone. But it is obvious that in contrast to his many belligerent and self-focused opponents he is far more honest, far more sincere, has a better grasp on the reality of everything, appears to have the desired measure of humility and, very importantly, is not owned by Special Interests and a select few. If we can demand that the rest of them get in there and honestly work together towards negotiating and implementing in the best interests of the people, we may have a chance. It should be obvious that supporting those who in stubborn selfish unity want to continue to placate and patronize Special Interests and the select few, it will only result in a steady decline towards eventual disaster for everyone (which is not that far away). The status of everything today and how we got here should strongly reinforce everything I am saying; to think otherwise one would have to be of the privileged 2-3% or just kidding themselves.
REG in AZ (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:24 PM)

How about Big Pharmacy?

Ask anyone who uses medications where the pain is for the normal everyday person. Stand in the line at Rite Aid or Walgreen and hear the pain of the seniors and those who have to pay big dollars for their perscriptions.

Protestors must be attacking Big Pharma also. Even though Obama is in bed with them, Big Pharma is creating much of this problem we are seeing.

Every day perscription drug users feel the pain.

President Obama, pull the sheets b

Cue the liberal protesters.
Rahm E., Chicago IL (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:27 PM)

My guess is that Nancy Pelosi will be calling these protestors "Astro-Turfers" by weeks end.
Cal Douglass, SC (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:28 PM)

Signs to be seen at the protest: "We What Our Free Stuff!" and "We Didn't Pay For It, But We Want It!"
Babs Lann, CA (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:30 PM)

These liberal protesters must have a lot of time on their hands. People that go to Tea Parties have to work and can only rally on the weekends.
Weekend Warrior (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:32 PM)

Oh no guys...just because the insurance industry has obscene profits and have denied people life saving care is no reason to be down on them...I'm sure they are all fine christian republicans anxious to help people meet their maker sooner by denying them coverage.
Golly Gee (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:33 PM)

Buzz: What can you do with sore loosers that just can't be reasoned with?

Don't know about you, but I don't get sore when I get loose. And weren't you the guy correcting someones elses spelling/grammer the other day?
J Mears (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:34 PM)

Buzz (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:44 PM)

Have you ever tried to talk to these idiots? First off, they are some of the most ill-informed and un-educated people in the country!! Hit 'em with some facts like Reagan and Ollie "The Shredder" North provided weapons, illegally, to Iran and they don't even know what Iran-Contra was!! Then go on to tell them that this happened while Dumsfeld was kissing Sadaam Hussein's cheeks and giving them weapons at the same time!! Continue with, the CIA, again, under Reagan, funded money to bin-Laden and the Mujahedeen, and you get the same blank stare!! Now ask them anything about beer or Wal-Mart and they know everything!!

Seriously, very un-educated people; they have zero clue what they are protesting against, or why!! They do it because Beck or Hannity says it's a "good idea!!"

Pam, San Pedro, California (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:39 PM)

...and what are these guys going to do when providors refuse to accept the public option as payment because "it doesn't cover their costs"?

We need more multi-millionaire doctors
Alan, NJ (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:41 PM)

Oh no guys...just because the insurance industry has obscene profits and have denied people life saving care is no reason to be down on them...I'm sure they are all fine christian republicans anxious to help people meet their maker sooner by denying them coverage.
Golly Gee

The profits made by the insurance companies are no different, and in fact are often less then, other segments of corporate America.
Lola Dees (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 4:47 PM)

"I can not remember any recent President going in this direction."
Marcus D., Chicago (Sent Wednesday, October 21, 2009 3:36

The Nobel Surprise

Friday was such a strange day. I woke up and learned that President Obama won The Nobel Peace Prize. This is so amazing. He is the luckiest person I have ever seen or heard of in my life.

The peace prize has been awarded to individuals that have suffered their entire life life for causes that generally deify ones imagination,i.e. Nelson Mandela and Sister Theresa and the like. President Obama has been in office 9 months.

In closing, I hope he can live up to this level of expectations that he has received. Yet, more importantly, help the people of the world to live a better quality of life. People need jobs, education and health care all over the world. We need to have to leadership to guide people in new directions. We need less to no war and more love and peace to live betters lives together. I hope this award is one that is all people to do better. Please tell me what do you think?

Why Chicago Lost The Olympics

Why Chicago Failed To Win The Olympics
by Howard Berkes

Enlarge Morry Gash/APChicago 2016 supporters react as they learn the city has lost its bid to host the Olympics.

Morry Gash/APChicago 2016 supporters react as they learn the city has lost its bid to host the Olympics.
text sizeAAAOctober 3, 2009
Actually, it's not Chicago's fault. Nothing more could have been done. Nothing legal at least.

Olympic insiders praise the city's 2016 Olympic bid as completely solid. The plan was sound. The anticipated venues were stunning and compact. The ambitious funding projections were reasonable, given the kind of corporate and American television revenue an American Olympics can generate.

Blame politics unusual.

Chicagoans may not like to admit it, but there's no American city with a better track record of working a room, peddling influence, counting votes, buying loyalty, playing hardball and cultivating corruption.

So, neither the practiced politicos in Chicago nor in the White House could wine and dine, glad-hand, lobby or perform the most basic function of any campaign: count potential votes. They couldn't poll and then shift strategy based on the polling results. They could only guess at who would vote which way, and even then, there was very little they could do about it.

All that worked wonderfully in the past for cities so desperate to host the Olympics that they plied the votes of members of the International Olympic Committee with college scholarships for the kids, all-expenses-paid vacations, lucrative real estate deals, luxury bathroom fixtures, surgical procedures, laptop computers, skis and skiwear, rent-free housing, shotguns and more. To be fair, that culture of Olympic corruption was due as much to the greedy demands of IOC members as it was to the complicit desperation of bidding cities.

It was a culture that played to the strengths of a bidding city like Chicago. Imagine the results if the gold medalist for patronage and political corruption could have applied its considerable skills to that atmosphere.

It would have been politics as usual for Chicago.

The scandalous behavior of IOC members and Salt Lake City Olympic bidders in the 1990s triggered reform that effectively banned the gifts and favors. The reform effort also made it difficult to apply legitimate politicking to the bidding process. This not only hogtied the savvy political operatives in Chicago, it also minimized the role of President Obama, the Olympic bidder-in-chief.

The tough bidding rules established after the Salt Lake City scandal made it impossible to conduct even the most fundamental political campaign. IOC members are not permitted to visit bidding cities and even meet with the bidders, except under very limited and controlled circumstances.

So, neither the practiced politicos in Chicago nor in the White House could wine and dine, glad-hand, lobby or perform the most basic function of any campaign: count potential votes. They couldn't poll and then shift strategy based on the polling results. They could only guess at who would vote which way, and even then, there was very little they could do about it.

Those who were certain that the president went to Copenhagen because the result was predetermined know nothing about Olympic politics and IOC members. The balloting for host cities is secret, and IOC members are famous for not talking about their votes, before or after the voting. Trusting those who do talk is risky because there's no accountability in a secret vote.

Chicago also suffered from Olympic politics completely beyond the control of its bidders. Rio de Janeiro had the strong emotional appeal of finally staging an Olympics in South America. It's a new market for what the IOC likes to refer to as "Olympism," which includes the spreading of Olympic ideals and tapping new corporate and television revenues.

Also, the U.S. Olympic Committee seemed to go out of its way to put obstacles in Chicago's path. IOC members are not generally fond of the United States because (choose one or select all):

1. American corporate sponsorships and television contracts are the single-biggest source of Olympic funding. This is viewed by some as Olympic imperialism.

2. The U.S. is viewed as an arrogant and dominating world power generally.

3. The Olympic bribery scandal involved an American bid and resulted in humiliating hearings in the U.S. Congress (in which then-IOC-President Juan Antonio Samaranch was forced to empty his pockets at a metal detector) and a failed but embarrassing prosecution by the Justice Department.

The U.S. Olympic Committee helped fan any lingering anti-American flames by announcing a U.S. Olympic television network, despite the IOC's insistence that more discussion and negotiation was necessary first. A truce helped ease simmering resentment over the USOC share of Olympic revenues, but that came late in the bidding process. And the USOC's ongoing senior leadership crises and changes left the group unprepared to do the networking and bid marshalling that IOC members expect.

Finally, Chicago politicians defied their reputations for political acumen by failing to guarantee Olympic funding until a few weeks before the voting. This is the most basic element of Olympic bidding: Don't leave the IOC on the hook if you don't raise enough money to pay all the Olympic bills. The failure to provide the guarantee earlier could have been viewed as classic American arrogance, as in "we like to do things our way."

Chicago and President Obama were only able to muster 18 of 94 votes. That's a pathetic 19 percent, proving the bidding for the 2016 Olympics was anything but politics as usual.

NPR's Howard Berkes has covered six Olympic Games and two Olympic bids, including the Salt Lake City Olympic scandal.

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Recent FirstOldest FirstMost RecommendedJoe Nathan (Joe_the_inventor) wrote:


You said "The airwaves have been catering more and more to the republicans and conservatives for 2 decades now." Really?????
If you mean radio, you might be right, er, I mean left. But if you think TV, print, movies, etc are leaning left you are seriously deluded. Sources?
Monday, October 05, 2009 5:59:03 PM

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Ringland Murray (Ringland) wrote:

Personally, I like to see the Olympics spread around generously to other host countries. It just seems more international that way.

I'd also like to see them quit staggering summer and winter games. To me, it was a lot more special when you got them only every 4 years.
Monday, October 05, 2009 5:52:27 PM

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Mike Cork (TshirtZ) wrote:

Regardless of where they have it, there is going to be crime. There is going to be everything that you don't want to see when your home country is hosting the Olympics. The press will have 1000 reasons why the US did not win the bid (depending on which news station you are watching). It would have been great to have in Chicago.>TshirtZ
Monday, October 05, 2009 5:15:02 PM

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Tim B (IBelieve) wrote:

There have been independent groups that have critiqued Fox cable programs, and they are far from being balanced. Most of the hosts cut off guests when they began to make any major dent in the hosts logic or premise. Bill O'Reilley has asked that guests microphones be turned off when they began to gain the upper hand in an argument. The other programs at times use weaker opposing guests that can't make strong arguments. Lightweights. The repeatedly fail to have on guests that can directly challenge their assertions.

They also like to reinforce eath other so there are recurrent themes from one show to the next. MSNBC has begun to copy that format with some of its shows to counter Fox news.

To be trully fair and balanced, guests should not be cut off before being allowed to make their point, the guests should not be there to reinforce the view of the host, and the guest should not be intimidated, which occurs also.

As far as the main stream media leaning left, that has been a false accusation by the right for a decade to throw people off. The airwaves have been catering more and more to the republicans and conservatives for 2 decades now.
Monday, October 05, 2009 5:03:40 PM

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Santa Rita Hunter (Santaritahunter) wrote:

Chicago is not particularly a violent place when compared with Rio. Phoenix is a perfectly rotten place for a summer olympics. I can't see anyone running a marathon there in the first week of August with temperatures in excess of 105F.

Chicagoans dodged a bullet on this one. Being an Olympic Host City means that your taxpayers spend a whole lot of money building stuff that will get used once and never again, than they realize in return as revenue. You want something that'd good for Chicago, build a wind farm out on that lake. Or maybe just get a studio with some talent (unlike the last bunch of clowns) to redux The Dresden Files along the lines of 24: 1 novel per season.
Monday, October 05, 2009 4:44:02 PM

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Jeffrey Gross (JeffinSA) wrote:

This is less time for finding fault and more time for being happy that the games will come to South America for the first time. I see that as progress. The games going to Brazil is a good thing. Brazil is an emerging country that is excited about the chance the IOC gave to them. As with all competition, there is a winner and there are losers. Good competators embrace the winner for a performance well done. Let's celebrate with our friends from Brazil
Monday, October 05, 2009 4:38:34 PM

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D A (d_man1230) wrote:

@Emel...that's funny you say that because I was thinking the same thing about Chicago...why internationally display one of our most crime-ridden cities to the world. Next city up for a bid will be Detroit! I mean, put up Denver or Phoenix (I'm not being biased, I'm from Houston and wouldn't reccomend us either!)
Monday, October 05, 2009 4:07:12 PM

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Emel Alameda (NPRNPR) wrote:

The sad thing is the corruption works both ways. When I lived in Atlanta and they won I was amazed. It turned out the city had falsified crime records and made things look rosy when in fact the city was rife with crime. I think Chicago lost because they are in the news with nothing but crime.
Monday, October 05, 2009 3:44:43 PM

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D A (d_man1230) wrote:

@Joe Nathan...thanks for the explanation. I didn't quite see how that was going to pan out, whether or not it would all be in climate-controlled indoors. That would be one heck of a venue! I mean going from Bejing to Chicago probably wouldn't really have been that big a difference. But Rio deJaneiro should be a stark contrast to the smoggy city that hosted the Olympics last. I can't remember how Sydney looked when they had it a while back. But they're much further South than Rio...I think, if my memory serves me correctly.
Monday, October 05, 2009 3:19:23 PM

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D A (d_man1230) wrote:

@Tim B...I said nothing about both of those OPINION talk show hosts being balanced. You stated that Beck, "stirred up hatred". He is biased and I like that because so is the so-called "mainstream" media and I can get a good story by listening to all sides. Now if you want to talk about Fox not being fair, I can't agree with that. Most everything they discuss has a panel with equal amounts of time that get to say their piece. In fact, a few of the panel comes from right here at NPR (Juan Williams) and are proud, card carrying liberals!
Monday, October 05, 2009 3:12:10 PM


Violence in the streets, has it gone too far?

Urban America is filled with gangs, drugs and violence. It seems like nothing is being done to stop it. Sure terror is a global problem, but what if the urban schools are simply battle grounds and killing fields?

The real problem is it may be in Urban-America today, but where will it be tomorrow?

The following is the stoury from USA TODAY:

Nadashia Thomas, 6, participates in a vigil for her cousin Derrion Albert outside of Christian Fenger Academy High School in Chicago on Monday.

By Nam Y. Huh, AP

Four teens charged in fatal beating of Chicago student

ShareYahoo! Buzz Add to Mixx Facebook TwitterMore Fark Digg Reddit MySpace StumbleUpon Propeller LinkedInSubscribe myYahoo iGoogleMore Netvibes myAOL
By Judy Keen, USA TODAY
CHICAGO — Darnell Myles didn't have to see the video airing on TV of Derrion Albert's slaying to find out that the neighborhood around Christian Fenger Academy High School is dangerous. Two of his children attend the school where Albert was an honor student, and they have long been "scared for their safety," he said.
On Monday, Myles drove his children, a freshman and a senior, to the far South Side school and parked outside until classes ended so he could take them home. One of his children knew Albert and saw the attack. "It was one side of town against another," he said. "It's a crazy thing."

Albert, 16, was walking home from school Thursday when he was beaten to death in a fight between two rival groups outside a community center. Four teens were charged Monday in the slaying. Police identified them with the help of the cellphone video taken by an unidentified witness. The video was provided to a TV station and given to police.

VIDEO REPORT: Slaying shocks, angers community
ON DEADLINE: Raw video of Chicago beating (warning: graphic violence)

In court Monday, prosecutors described the alleged attack on Albert by Silvonus Shannon, 19; Eric Carson, 16; and Eugene Riley, 18. Carson, who is charged as an adult, and Shannon are Fenger students. The three are being held without bond on charges of first-degree murder. A hearing is set for Oct. 19. Late Monday, Chicago police said a 17-year-old also was charged in the slaying. Prosecutors did not say Monday whether he will be tried as an adult.

The brawl was precipitated by a shooting outside the school on Thursday morning, prosecutors said. A 15-year-old boy was arrested after police alleged he opened fire from his bicycle on a 17-year-old boy, who was not hurt. That incident stemmed from tensions between students who live in Altgeld Gardens, a public housing project, and others who live in an area known as the "Ville."

Albert was "a bystander" to a fight later Thursday between the groups and didn't belong to either, Assistant Cook County State's Attorney Jodi Peterson said in court. Carson and another person from the Ville approached him, she said. Carson hit Albert in the head with a railroad tie. The other person punched him in the face, prosecutors say. Albert fell, unconscious, prosecutors said, and when he regained consciousness, he moved away and tried to stand. He was surrounded by five Altgeld Gardens residents. Riley hit him with a railroad tie and Shannon stomped on his head, Peterson said.

Shannon gave a videotaped confession, said Andy Conklin, a spokesman for the state's attorney's office.

Like the murders in October 2008 of three relatives of actress Jennifer Hudson, the Albert case is reviving concern about violence in Chicago and debate about ways to stop it.

There were 307 homicides in the city from Jan. 1 through the end of August, down from 338 in the same period last year, the Chicago Police Department says. More than half of this year's homicides involved gangs.

"Misguided youth need leadership in their life. This is learned behavior," said Tio Hardiman of CeaseFire Illinois, an anti-violence group. "You can put all the police in the world in the city, but that's not enough," he said. CeaseFire intervenes in conflicts and negotiates treaties between rival groups, he said, and is working to prevent a violent reaction to Albert's slaying. Dwayne Overstreet, a minister, went to Fenger to pray for peace. "It's not that these young people don't understand the value of life," he said. "They haven't been taught the value of life."

Overstreet says Albert's death was a reminder of the "chaos" and disregard for life across the city. "It feels sometimes like you're in a war zone," he said.

"I'm praying and hoping that out of this will come something positive," said Martin Watt, a minister from suburban Harvey who came to Fenger to lead a hymn that intoned: I'm feeling so much better since I lay my burden down.

Community leaders held a news conference Monday asking anyone with information to come forward. Albert's relatives were there, wearing T-shirts with his photo and the words: "Gone too soon, too young."

You might be interested in:
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Gunfire erupts in Urumqi; Chinese police beat man ( in News)
Video turns woman into icon of Iran unrest ( in News)
Mourners gather in Montreal for Gatti funeral; wife still held ( in Sports)

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Rev Bookburn (12 friends, send message) wrote: 30m ago
dillenburg123 (0 friends, send message) wrote: 32m ago
Darwinism at work.

Really? Is that how you explain the terrorist killing of Dr. Tiller, the murders at the Holocaust Museum, the hanging of the census worker, and over 25 years of anti-abortion terrorism? Did you mean to say Creationism at work? Rev. Bookburn - Radio Volta

Recommend | Report Abuse

dillenburg123 (0 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 4m ago
Darwinism at work.

Recommend 1 | Report Abuse

Goose67 (2 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 13m ago
Redishblue... I understand your question, but here's another one... why do we rely on Bush, McCain, or Obama to give priority to this issue... TruthSeeker is right... the issue belongs to all parents, regardless of color or philosophy... and as for the big cities, this violent culture has been going on since before any of these candidates was born... And before you think I am cutting down the ethnic nature of these thugs, just wanted to let you know I trace my ancestry all the way back to Northeast Africa, over two thousand years ago... and to top it off, I can brag that my ancestry includes Native Americans, so they were here to greet my ancestors when they arrived... not everything is about city or culture... but the facts do speak for themselves...

Recommend | Report Abuse

TruthSeeker (0 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 26m ago
Responding to:"Why does the US have the highest murder rate of any industrialized nation? And why didn't Bush, McCain, or Obama give any priority whatsoever to the violent and destructive subculture existing in our inner cities?" =====WHY? It is NOT the responsibility of the presidents to control violence. These violence are the responsibilities of the parents who neglect their children and NOT taught them moral values, the value of life. Most important of all, God has taken out of schools leaving students having no fear for God that is the beginning of developing moral values.

Recommend 1 | Report Abuse

redishblue (43 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 43m ago
Goose67 (2 friends, send message) wrote: 7m ago
For any of those who consider this a single act of violence... what planet did you fly in from ? There have been over 300 murders year to date in Chicaga, down from 338 for same time last year... so , is that good news? The murders are trending downward, but probably because a few more of the thugs were among the dead. This is an issue for all people, regardless of ethnicity...
Why does the US have the highest murder rate of any industrialized nation? And why didn't Bush, McCain, or Obama give any priority whatsoever to the violent and destructive subculture existing in our inner cities?

Recommend | Report Abuse

fattony (177 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 46m ago
These guys must feel empowered...I mean after all, the b@stard in chief has set precident

Recommend | Report Abuse

fattony (177 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 47m ago
This just in....fathers day has been cancelled in Chicago due to mass confusion.
In a related story, hallmark has pulled its ENTIRE line of fathers day cards from this city citing negative sales .....

Recommend 3 | Report Abuse

Goose67 (2 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 53m ago
For any of those who consider this a single act of violence... what planet did you fly in from ? There have been over 300 murders year to date in Chicaga, down from 338 for same time last year... so , is that good news? The murders are trending downward, but probably because a few more of the thugs were among the dead. This is an issue for all people, regardless of ethnicity...

Recommend | Report Abuse

redishblue (43 friends, send message) wrote: 1h 59m ago
Dog (242 friends, send message) wrote: 2m ago
This story is going to be pulled off the pages of USA Today is too bad for OWEBambi's Olympic bid meeting on Friday. The call has been made to the editor ....
Seems like hosting the Olympics is more than Obama's bid... many would like to see the Olympics in the USA...

... maybe countries would boycott the olympics, though, bc we torture-- e.g,. human rights violations...

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High School Sluts List is sick

A high school has a SLUT LIST. This has gone too far. Parents were upset. They also wanted to do drugs and sex in exchange for dumb things. We are failing our children at some point. Please tell me what do you think? Please note the following:

My Slut-Called Life: NJ High School Girls Circulate A “Slut List”
Posted by: Jessica Wakeman Filed in: news
12:40PM, Tuesday September 22nd 2009
Comments (19)
Hazing: It’s not just for Chuck Bass at the Skull & Bones Society anymore! High school girls in New Jersey are now pretending they’re badasses by putting younger girls on a nasty “slut list.” The New York Times reported that catty seniors at Millburn High School in wealthy Millburn, New Jersey have circulated a “slut list” on which they scribble dozens of names of “pretty and popular” incoming freshman with “crass descriptions” on loose-leaf paper. The school principal, Dr. William Miron, said the tradition has taken place for over a decade, but this year hundreds of copies of the “slut list” written up by sports team

Why is Dreaming Better than Life?

Life in a recession is so hard. People dying,getting, sick and aging at a rapid pace, dreaming can make everything just right. Dreams are so unreal. We dream sometimes and cannot remember what happened. Then there are certain dreams we want to keep dreaming until an alarm or something awakens us rather abruptly.

Children have the best dreams especially around particular holidays. Toys and games are fun things. Adults have dreams of vacations,cars,boats and coats that they may never have or do. However, some dreams become true.

Dreams can be revealing of ones most inner desires. I dream of world peace and winning the lottery. I dream of having a big car. I dream of sailing the Mediterium
with out a care in the world. I dream of everybody being completely happy for no apparent reason. What are your dreams? Please tell me what do you think?

Why do some Stars do Dumb Things

Lately, there has been a number of break-downs in public that has caused me concern. Serena Williams used the foulest of language at the U.S. Open tennis match to a line judge. Kanye West, big time rapper, jumped-up at the M TV awards, took the mic from a winner and declared that another should have won. Then during a Presidential Address to congress, a representative screamed out, "you are a lie."

Do you ever wonder, what is in the water? These are sad commentaries to the quality of life we are experiencing in terms the public figures behaving poorly. Is there something wrong with our educational system that allows people to do whatever? Is there a break down in the home that says, do whatever pops into your stupid head?

In closing, we need to take a hard look at these people who claim to demanded our attention. They want us to vote for them. They want us to buy the products being advertised when they are on television. Now, when we make the simply request to act in a civil manner, all hell breaks out. Perhaps I am too old and cannot understand the problems of today. But guess what? They are right. Further, I do not care! Please, tell me what do you think?

Visit the online church

Visit the online church

Health Care Reform

The President's Plan for Health Reform

“It will provide more security and stability to those who have health insurance.
It will provide insurance to those who don’t. And it will lower the cost of health care
for our families, our businesses, and our government."

If You Have Health Insurance,
the President's Plan:
Ends discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.
Limits premium discrimination based on gender and age.
Prevents insurance companies from dropping coverage when people are sick and need it most.
Caps out-of-pocket expenses so people don’t go broke when they get sick.
Eliminates extra charges for preventive care like mammograms, flu shots and diabetes tests to improve health and save money.
Protects Medicare for seniors.
Eliminates the “donut-hole” gap in coverage for prescription drugs.
If You Don’t Have Insurance,
the President's Plan:
Creates a new insurance marketplace — the Exchange — that allows people without insurance and small businesses to compare plans and buy insurance at competitive prices.
Provides new tax credits to help people buy insurance.
Provides small businesses tax credits and affordable options for covering employees.
Offers a public health insurance option to provide the uninsured and those who can’t find affordable coverage with a real choice.
Immediately offers new, low-cost coverage through a national “high risk” pool to protect people with preexisting conditions from financial ruin until the new Exchange is created.
For All Americans,
the President's Plan:
Won’t add a dime to the deficit and is paid for upfront.
Requires additional cuts if savings are not realized.
Implements a number of delivery system reforms that begin to rein in health care costs and align incentives for hospitals, physicians, and others to improve quality.
Creates an independent commission of doctors and medical experts to identify waste, fraud and abuse in the health care system.
Orders immediate medical malpractice reform projects that could help doctors focus on putting their patients first, not on practicing defensive medicine.
Requires large employers to cover their employees and individuals who can afford it to buy insurance so everyone shares in the responsibility of reform.

Privacy Policy Terms of Service

I Don't Get it?

The nation is at full alert on health care reform. Afghanistan is in all out war. People are still losing their jobs at an alarming rate and no one has said anything about it.
Perhaps we are in some type of dream? Maybe people are so busy trying to make it that they do not have the time to bother? America is in the biggest change period we have ever experienced.
I am concerned that our educational system has done such a poor job that we simply do not understand what is going on or we do not care. The worst case is both; we do not know and we do not care.
We need to start pushing for jobs today. The people with jobs are fighting to keep their job. They do not realize that when people start losing their jobs it dose not stop.
Taxes are too high. Why are we spending billions for a war that no one understands? Why are we fighting over health care when people are dying with pig flue?
In closing, I do not get it. I am at a lost. I read about 10 news papers a day and 5 magazines and about 30 blogs and I just do not get it. Perhaps I am slow. We need more jobs and less war. We could do with less talk and more action. Please tell me what do you think?

Happy Labor Day or Is It?

Happy Labor Day to all workers around the world. Workers have made all the things we have and do. They have made the biggest things to the smallest. The great works to the worst jobs that people take for granted. We celebrate all workers today.

Labor day is the last warm holiday. Often we forget about all of the home-makers that perform the thankless job of raising children. We must also look at the people who work from home today as well.

However, my real concern is for the jobless. I am pushing for a full employment act. This bill will ensure everyone a job. Work is so important to our livelihood. People need work. Our unemployment numbers are simply too high. We have about 15 million people out of work.

In conclusion, the full employment act can solve a multitude of problems. We need to end poverty and ignorance today. We celebrate labor day for all that we find important regarding work. I wish jobs for all. Please tell me what do you think?

Do We Need More Jobs?

Jobs are the gold standard for the average person. People live as a result of their ability to work. Yet, so many people have lost their jobs with no real hope of finding a high paying. Many of the professional jobs i.e., accounting and business services are being out sourced to other nations.

Big business is cutting more and more cost. People are being more productive with fewer employees. How does this create additional jobs? It doesn't help. The best generator for new jobs is small business. We should all start a new business.

The question of needing more jobs is near brain dead in nature. Sure we need more jobs. Can the government help? Perhaps? It is the average person developing new ideas that will change this picture. The jobs of the future will start with the person in the mirror.

New Online Church

Vist our church online

Can We Change The World?

Are you happy with how the world functions today? When you hear about war, how do you feel? What about seeing people hungry on T.V. with flies biting them, what do you think? What about when you hear about families losing their jobs, homes, and health care and dying? Did you ever think how can this world be changed?

The world has always had its problems.It appears that there are no solutions. What if we had more money to feed everyone? What if we and enough lumber and bricks to build everyone a home? What if we had enough books and teachers to education everyone? Would this help?

Oh, we do have enough resources, they are just in the wrong places. We need leadership at the United Nations to develop a plan. Can greed be the problem? There are nations as large as Ohio that literally rule the world. Our hope is in a better world. We need more awareness and concern for humanity. We have more than enough resources to do whatever, however, there is to little compassion. We need it now.

Why are The Anti- Health Care People Upset?

Health care has been placed on hold for a moment. The death of Ted Kennedy has stopped the news cycle on the life and issues of the Kennedy family. This has taken away the guns and shouting for no reason.

Now, the people who do not want health care reform must take a break. If they continue to act like the mental health aspect of reform is clearly under-funded. On the other hand, the reformers must slow down as well because they will come off like exploiters of death.

We need this time to think. The future will be hard if the past is any form of indicator. The green movement will invent more jobs but at a slow rate. We need to get closer to nature. We need more peace and quiet. It is important that we use this time to think about the future with shouting and guns. Time out is a good thing. Please,tell me, what do you think?

Where did We go Wrong?

Have you looked at the news and ask the question: Where did we go wrong? The President sold us on hope. This is a good thing. It is ideas that work is what gets mouths feed and pockets fat. This has yet to happen.

Now, we are deep in recession, fighting in Afghanistan, and in absolute war over health care. So how did this all happen? Did it just hit like lighting?

The Clinton administration left office with a huge trillion dollar surplus. In other words we had more money than we needed. What happened to that money? The rich got back billions in tax give backs, then the people were laid off, and we started two wars for freedom.

In conclusion, we had the money and gave away one half and blew up the other, and borrowed double that number and Bam, here we are. Sure people are hurting and need jobs and health care. Who really cares. What do you think?

Can Small Businesses Profit from Reform?

Lately the big battle has been over health care reform. The real question is can small businesses create economic progress? The unemployment numbers will remain at 9% for the next 3 to 4 years. This will be a jobless recovery, or in other words a paper recovery.

The fact is, people must develop their own business. One is providing a service and the other is providing information; this is the way of the future. Developing green technology is the way. My wife and I made an organic garden. There were people coming from all over for, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, corn, and onions. We gave it away for free.

What if we charged for it or asked for a donation we would have done well. I want to start an investment group on green tech. The future is here.. What ideas do you have?

In conclusion, real reform is in how we think. The idea of working for an organization and retiring is over. Small business is all we have in the future. Provide a service and perfecting ones skills is vital. What do you think?

What Happened to this Summer?

As summer comes to an end, where did it go? I really did not too far just place in the Midwest, i.e. Indiana, Michigan, and Wis. These are wonderful places to just get away. I need to hit Europe but my lottery tickets only produced a three dollar winner.

Blogging was great this summer. I must have written about 10 posts. My photography was not so good. I took about 10 good shots. My best was a double rainbow. The other was a 2009 Austin Martin.

In conclusion, I always love summer time. We have another 30 days left of it. I will take full advantage of it.However, I really love fall more. So ,I have something to get real excited about. I will plan my fun better and set it off this fall.

What The World needs Now?

Have you notice that the world as we know it appears to be in chaos? We face certain disasters with earthquakes, economic uncertainty, and political controversies abound does cause a great deal of stress for the people who really care about humanity. What is it that the world needs?

As I communicated with my associates around the planet, I was somewhat concerned that my American counterparts were troubled that there were so many foreigners online. This caused me to think about the world as a whole. There are over 10 billion or so people on the planet. Only a small percentage are from the USA. What about Asia, South America, The UK and Africa? The world is need true need to re-align our thinking.

In conclusion, our needs are great in scope. To live in peace and harmony is a Utopian goal. What does the world need? Jobs, housing, education,health and food to eat. We are in a need for a mass injection of Love. We must understand that everyone is in need today. The rich have more than they could ever use or need. What the world needs now is a partnership of love. Please tell me, what do you think?

Health Care gone Over the Top

The national news is depicting people going to town hall meetings and going wild to stop health care reform. Why is it that these people are coming out and just screaming? They do not appear to be listening. They make America look like we may need to run a deficit on mental health.

There are over 47 million people without heat care. Where are they? Given the volume of these so called protesters, they all have health care. It is reported that these protesters are ringers. In other words, paid people to have a fit.

Why is it that people simply do not want anyone to have anything? In the long run our health care cost is about 3 to 4 dollars more than most nations. As a result, business is more inclined to go in that direction. We also learned that most insurance executives are making huge salaries for preventing major surgeries and cutting people off when they most need insurance.

In conclusion, we will have some form of health care reform. People will become bored of agitators screaming at meetings. There will still be about 25 million people without insurance and the nation will be divided on class, gender, orientation, ethnic background and weight. Perhaps we should be more upset unemployment, gas prices and educational cost; notwithstanding the environment. Please tell me, what do you think about health care going over the top?

Can The Laws of Attraction Change The World?

The Internet is being flooded with The Secret that has had a positive outlook under recessionary times. People are losing jobs, homes and business failures are abound. Can the secret help change these events, and if so how and why?

It is our aim to simply raise the question. Given the decline of the gross national product, what drives the economy? The answer is simple. Consumer Confidence. If people believe that things are getting better and act on it ,then things will no doubt get better.

The Laws of attraction work on a similar bases. Positive energy released in the universe will connect at a higher level. Then all of the things that you visually conceive will transpire. This is not a bad idea.

In conclusion, the laws of attraction and consumer confidence are one. Positive thinking is a powerful tool. Business must take the high road and project confidence in their respective product, goods or service. I am sending out the positive goal of one-million readers and that poverty and all problems banish in the twinkle of an eye. Tell me what do you (positively) Think?

Is Twitter Good For Business and Bloggers?

Twitter is so hot toady. In the morning I check it. Then in the afternoon I check it again,and the same at night as well. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Is it fun to follow people?

Now, we find all big businesses Twitting. This may take the fun out of it. They of course want to control your information. I have noticed that fake pictures of little girls fronting for some outfit, to lure the average person in to a deal.

In conclusion, Twitter is an excellent means of communication. Both blogger and business can use this medium to get their message across. This service is fast and fun. We need more business and fun. What will be the next hot thing. You Tube was hot, now Twitter and next will be even faster. I have both Twitter and You Tube on my blog. Tell me: What Do You Think?

How Can Business and Blogs Make Money?

Can blogs and business work together to make money? This is a rather serious question. The short answer is yes. The truth is they are different markets. Business sole purpose is to make money. Blogs are another matter.

The real question is, why do people blog. This question has been raised in a number of blog forums. The responses are quiet interesting. There are some bloggers are a major form of self-expression. People share deep feelings and thinking regarding their blogs. People also wish to share important information they wish to impart. Yet, business blogs are generally directed to their costumers to provide information to gain awareness to ultimately conduct business.

In conclusion, blogs are a new form of communication to impart information. Both business and the public use blogs effectively. The online community networks blogs, Twitter, Face-book and Blog-logs. AdSense aligns ads with content. The question regarding money id a specific goal of the individual or organization. The answer for me is to share your best thinking and feelings and live with it. If you make money in the process, it is all for the best. What do you think.

Can Small Businesses and Blogs Save the Economy?

The world economy is still struggling to move forward. Each nation is attempting to save their respective systems through stimulus programs. The financial system needs recovery and to restore credit. The large cooperation began to use layoffs and cost cutting to save their operations. The only hope is in the small business sector.

Moreover, the small business sector is being driven by the online community. This provides excellent opportunity for people to Twit and Facebook to making money and creating jobs. The question is how does one make it all happen?

In conclusion, this blog is dedicated to the promotion of ideas, business and blogs that bring people together in new ways. We promote international relations, business, and human diversity. Visit my promotional site at We can share and promote ideas. Tell your contacts about this opportunity. I have been faithful in visiting and following blogs of all sorts, I encourage you to do likewise. Yes we can save this economy, if we work at it.

Is The Race Question Interferring w/ The Economy?

The media is looking at the Dr. Henry L. Gates arrest and charges of racism, more so than the economy and health care. As I watched the news people are concerned that The President spoke out on this issue.

The real problem is health care was pushed back. There are 47 million people with out insurance. There are roughly 30 million people out of work. What are we doing?

Sure, the President did not start the health care problem, nor did he make the unemployment numbers rise, and he did not invent racism. However, he did promise to address these issues.

In conclusion, the Clintons said it best, " It is the economy stupid." Yes there are racial, gender, ethnic and orientation problems that must be addressed. However, it is another issue when you do not have a job or insurance and the whole situation just makes you sick. What should we do?

Are We Coming Out of The Recession?

I wonder is the recession coming to an end. How will we know it is over? Is it like a storm and it stops raining? Does some bell go off and the kids come off the play-yard and that's it. As you can see, I am fishing for answers tell me what do you think? Also what can we do? Please comment.

Why Promote You Business or Blog?

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When people promote, they are looking around at other promotions. I like to see what people are doing. I always what to how,what, and why they are doing what they do? Then I learn. I make adjustments and grow.

I started my first idea was to simply follow people. Was it ever a trip. I found new networks, different groups, new friends from all over the world. Now we are talking international trade. There are people doing and promoting all kinds of goods, products and services. Do follow me on this journey to absolute wealth. Promote your Business at no cost. Visit today!

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We need to rethink how we promote blogs. We need to know how this blog will serve us. People want to be entertained. We need good information in a quick format. The visuals must be appealing to the eye. There is also a need for interaction and options. Tell me, what do you think?

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What Do Readers Need?

Readers are what real Blogs want. Business needs readers as well. The real question is what do readers need? People online are all over the place looking for traffic. This can be quiet trying.

Readers need information and ideas. People need to motivated,to get some release of stress and make money. Sure, hit a Google Ad and someone pays, and another gets paid. The concept is simple in design.

In conclusion, what do readers need? We need to know that someone is a real person is writing the words. That some one understands. I want to build a powerful network. I need people with ideas that want to help each other grow. One person can not do it. The great idea is keep following and following. I will follow you. I will promote you. I will help you too. Just keep pushing. Tell me what do you think, and why?

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Promote Yourself

I need you to tell me and promote what you are doing in my comment section

The Business of Living...

The world has had an experience that has called into question: What do we do now? I am focus on my business. I want to grow my business by helping others grow their business.

Business today has taken on a broader meaning than making money. We need to expand our personal agendas to create opportunity to help people gain employment. The economy needs people believing in moving forward regardless of the circumstances.

In conclusion, the business of living is one of deep caring about the livelihood of people. Sure money is important ,but people are more valuable. I am convinced that if we demonstrate more concern for people and the environment the money will be there. The question of how will this take place is in order. Tell me what do you think?Blog directory

Say Good-bye To Micheal Jackson

I want to say good-bye to Micheal Jackson. You were not perfect and had many problems that we may never know or understand. Yet, I love you and your music. Your songs made me dance and almost cry. We will miss you but your music will last forever. I will encourage all people to share their thoughts and feels in our comment section. I wish you all love and peace.

Life Online ?

The more I think about life the more I realize that I am spending a lot of time online. Do you find yourself doing the same thing too? Do you spend time reading the news, paying bills or watching YouTube?

Perhaps you have a business. You could have, Myspace or Face-book. There may be a social network you have, or an assignment to do for a project. Life as we know it has changed. Twitter is hot as I speak. I say good morning and good night each day. Do you?

Life online is going to be a song one day.You can be what you want it to be if you so desire. Meeting people, visiting different blogs, making deals and connecting with a world without reality or limits. Pease tell me: "What Do You Think?'

In conclusion, I am excited by all of the remote possibilities. You can do and who you want to be online. You can even be yourself if you like. My son lives online. The strange thing about it; so do I. What about you? Follow me and I will follow you.

50/50 A New Idea?

Lately as in always, I have been promoting my blog. The question is: What is the most effective means to get other readers? There are people who will sell you traffic. That does not seem to be fun to me.

Moreover, developing readers is a good thing. What ideas do you have to promote blogs? Well, 50/50 is the best deal in the world. Visit me and I in turn visit you. Follow me and I will follow you.

In the near future , I will do a special on all my followers. This weekend I want to read 100 Blogs. Leave your comments and I will follow your blog.

In conclusion, 50/50 is a great idea. Perhaps we can have a challenge and start a new network. I am excited about this idea. I hope to learn so much from this idea. You may learn as well. I think this is so wonderful. Please tell me: What Do You Think?

Micheal Jackson

The word that Micheal Jackson died deeply hurts my heart. Micheal Jackson was indeed a star. He was misunderstood but he made some entertaining song i.e,"I 'll Be There." The dream of poor children singing their way to fame and now death is hard to understand.

The reports that he lost all of his money. This is tragic. I hope that his family can survive this sad momment.I love his music and I love him.

Fame can be a hard thing to live with the bulk of his life. These are tough days for ALL THE WORLD. We must be prayerful. These are sad days.

Why Are Govenors Going Wild?

In olden days there was a scandal here and a sandal there, but now it is every week. What is it in the water that is making people get so wild? One day a Governor is missing in action, the next thing you know, he has been wilding out in South America.

The former Governor of New York was caught going buck wild in Washington D.C. The world is under tremendous pressure not seen since The Great Depression. Is it the demmand to perform, or is it to pretend until one is caught in the act?

The world needs new leadership. We need people who can simply do the job. A new order is in play. This recession is pushing people in to the streets. Poor Jon and Kate plus the eight is a disaster. These poor children will be forgotten in four weeks.

In conclusion,we are in for a tough road ahead. I am concern that we may have run out of gas. If so, the green movement makes sense. Let us get back to basics. We need to stay focused on living the simple life. Fan and fortune may not be the best career option. Please tell me, what do you think?

People are Reading...

Have you ever felt good about something that appeared small, yet one that is as precious as gold? Well, the answer for me is when some one has taken the time to read ones writing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Writing is such an industry and an art form as well. The idea of communicating ones thoughts in written words is fascinating. Many of my contacts are business people. So am I, it is my gaol to provoke thinking at a deeper level by asking questions to simulate critical thinking.

Business people and the art community are actually one. We are all trying to sell ideas, goods and services. The question is, how did we derive at such decisions? What process did we employee to finalize our thinking? Did we ask the tough questions?

In conclusion,I feel so good when some reads my work. This should make you glad as when you make some one happy. Please tell me what do you think?

What Do You Care About?

Lately I have been so busy promoting my blog I almost forgot to update it. After going from group to group and posting just about everywhere, I wonder why I am doing all of this?

Does anyone care? This is a good question. One of my new projects is to twit. I have over 50 followers. This is somewhat fun. It appears everybody is trying to market or sell something.

There are some people who want to be so helpful. They want me to make a million dollars. All I have to do is go to sleep, and when I awaken, bam, 1 million dollars. This is wonderful.

I guess people do care. I have another person in England who informed me that a long lost relative died and left me 50 million. Wow, People really care. The reason that I blog is because I care. Some times my words are awkward and miss-spelled, but I will struggle onward. There is good news. My new Canadian friend Norm is mentoring me to become a book reviewer. What do care about? Tell me what do you think?

What Do I Think?

Experience is an excellent teacher. As I continue to blog and market my page, I am learning so much from my groups. People are doing wonderful things, particularly in the Northwest.

The small businesses are driving the economy. Their net-working skills and efforts are rather remarkable. They have events, write articles, and provide great feedback.

In conclusion, I think that my virtual community will be driven housed in the great northwest. Perhaps I can make the mid-west in play. The east and south are still in play. I think that people will begin to think more when provided good information and ideas.