Why Are Govenors Going Wild?

In olden days there was a scandal here and a sandal there, but now it is every week. What is it in the water that is making people get so wild? One day a Governor is missing in action, the next thing you know, he has been wilding out in South America.

The former Governor of New York was caught going buck wild in Washington D.C. The world is under tremendous pressure not seen since The Great Depression. Is it the demmand to perform, or is it to pretend until one is caught in the act?

The world needs new leadership. We need people who can simply do the job. A new order is in play. This recession is pushing people in to the streets. Poor Jon and Kate plus the eight is a disaster. These poor children will be forgotten in four weeks.

In conclusion,we are in for a tough road ahead. I am concern that we may have run out of gas. If so, the green movement makes sense. Let us get back to basics. We need to stay focused on living the simple life. Fan and fortune may not be the best career option. Please tell me, what do you think?


  1. The Governor must do what is right. The affair is one thing. Running away from duty is something that must be addressed. The other issue is taking tax money and running off with his non-wife. This will give children an example in doing the right thing at t5he right time for the right reason

  2. Governor Palin has resigned. She did the right thing. Now she can continue her career on SNL. I wish her and her family well.