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Can We Change The World?

Are you happy with how the world functions today? When you hear about war, how do you feel? What about seeing people hungry on T.V. with flies biting them, what do you think? What about when you hear about families losing their jobs, homes, and health care and dying? Did you ever think how can this world be changed?

The world has always had its problems.It appears that there are no solutions. What if we had more money to feed everyone? What if we and enough lumber and bricks to build everyone a home? What if we had enough books and teachers to education everyone? Would this help?

Oh, we do have enough resources, they are just in the wrong places. We need leadership at the United Nations to develop a plan. Can greed be the problem? There are nations as large as Ohio that literally rule the world. Our hope is in a better world. We need more awareness and concern for humanity. We have more than enough resources to do whatever, however, there is to little compassion. We need it now.

Why are The Anti- Health Care People Upset?

Health care has been placed on hold for a moment. The death of Ted Kennedy has stopped the news cycle on the life and issues of the Kennedy family. This has taken away the guns and shouting for no reason.

Now, the people who do not want health care reform must take a break. If they continue to act like the mental health aspect of reform is clearly under-funded. On the other hand, the reformers must slow down as well because they will come off like exploiters of death.

We need this time to think. The future will be hard if the past is any form of indicator. The green movement will invent more jobs but at a slow rate. We need to get closer to nature. We need more peace and quiet. It is important that we use this time to think about the future with shouting and guns. Time out is a good thing. Please,tell me, what do you think?

Where did We go Wrong?

Have you looked at the news and ask the question: Where did we go wrong? The President sold us on hope. This is a good thing. It is ideas that work is what gets mouths feed and pockets fat. This has yet to happen.

Now, we are deep in recession, fighting in Afghanistan, and in absolute war over health care. So how did this all happen? Did it just hit like lighting?

The Clinton administration left office with a huge trillion dollar surplus. In other words we had more money than we needed. What happened to that money? The rich got back billions in tax give backs, then the people were laid off, and we started two wars for freedom.

In conclusion, we had the money and gave away one half and blew up the other, and borrowed double that number and Bam, here we are. Sure people are hurting and need jobs and health care. Who really cares. What do you think?

Can Small Businesses Profit from Reform?

Lately the big battle has been over health care reform. The real question is can small businesses create economic progress? The unemployment numbers will remain at 9% for the next 3 to 4 years. This will be a jobless recovery, or in other words a paper recovery.

The fact is, people must develop their own business. One is providing a service and the other is providing information; this is the way of the future. Developing green technology is the way. My wife and I made an organic garden. There were people coming from all over for, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, corn, and onions. We gave it away for free.

What if we charged for it or asked for a donation we would have done well. I want to start an investment group on green tech. The future is here.. What ideas do you have?

In conclusion, real reform is in how we think. The idea of working for an organization and retiring is over. Small business is all we have in the future. Provide a service and perfecting ones skills is vital. What do you think?

What Happened to this Summer?

As summer comes to an end, where did it go? I really did not too far just place in the Midwest, i.e. Indiana, Michigan, and Wis. These are wonderful places to just get away. I need to hit Europe but my lottery tickets only produced a three dollar winner.

Blogging was great this summer. I must have written about 10 posts. My photography was not so good. I took about 10 good shots. My best was a double rainbow. The other was a 2009 Austin Martin.

In conclusion, I always love summer time. We have another 30 days left of it. I will take full advantage of it.However, I really love fall more. So ,I have something to get real excited about. I will plan my fun better and set it off this fall.

What The World needs Now?

Have you notice that the world as we know it appears to be in chaos? We face certain disasters with earthquakes, economic uncertainty, and political controversies abound does cause a great deal of stress for the people who really care about humanity. What is it that the world needs?

As I communicated with my associates around the planet, I was somewhat concerned that my American counterparts were troubled that there were so many foreigners online. This caused me to think about the world as a whole. There are over 10 billion or so people on the planet. Only a small percentage are from the USA. What about Asia, South America, The UK and Africa? The world is need true need to re-align our thinking.

In conclusion, our needs are great in scope. To live in peace and harmony is a Utopian goal. What does the world need? Jobs, housing, education,health and food to eat. We are in a need for a mass injection of Love. We must understand that everyone is in need today. The rich have more than they could ever use or need. What the world needs now is a partnership of love. Please tell me, what do you think?

Health Care gone Over the Top

The national news is depicting people going to town hall meetings and going wild to stop health care reform. Why is it that these people are coming out and just screaming? They do not appear to be listening. They make America look like we may need to run a deficit on mental health.

There are over 47 million people without heat care. Where are they? Given the volume of these so called protesters, they all have health care. It is reported that these protesters are ringers. In other words, paid people to have a fit.

Why is it that people simply do not want anyone to have anything? In the long run our health care cost is about 3 to 4 dollars more than most nations. As a result, business is more inclined to go in that direction. We also learned that most insurance executives are making huge salaries for preventing major surgeries and cutting people off when they most need insurance.

In conclusion, we will have some form of health care reform. People will become bored of agitators screaming at meetings. There will still be about 25 million people without insurance and the nation will be divided on class, gender, orientation, ethnic background and weight. Perhaps we should be more upset unemployment, gas prices and educational cost; notwithstanding the environment. Please tell me, what do you think about health care going over the top?

Can The Laws of Attraction Change The World?

The Internet is being flooded with The Secret that has had a positive outlook under recessionary times. People are losing jobs, homes and business failures are abound. Can the secret help change these events, and if so how and why?

It is our aim to simply raise the question. Given the decline of the gross national product, what drives the economy? The answer is simple. Consumer Confidence. If people believe that things are getting better and act on it ,then things will no doubt get better.

The Laws of attraction work on a similar bases. Positive energy released in the universe will connect at a higher level. Then all of the things that you visually conceive will transpire. This is not a bad idea.

In conclusion, the laws of attraction and consumer confidence are one. Positive thinking is a powerful tool. Business must take the high road and project confidence in their respective product, goods or service. I am sending out the positive goal of one-million readers and that poverty and all problems banish in the twinkle of an eye. Tell me what do you (positively) Think?

Is Twitter Good For Business and Bloggers?

Twitter is so hot toady. In the morning I check it. Then in the afternoon I check it again,and the same at night as well. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Is it fun to follow people?

Now, we find all big businesses Twitting. This may take the fun out of it. They of course want to control your information. I have noticed that fake pictures of little girls fronting for some outfit, to lure the average person in to a deal.

In conclusion, Twitter is an excellent means of communication. Both blogger and business can use this medium to get their message across. This service is fast and fun. We need more business and fun. What will be the next hot thing. You Tube was hot, now Twitter and next will be even faster. I have both Twitter and You Tube on my blog. Tell me: What Do You Think?