Where did We go Wrong?

Have you looked at the news and ask the question: Where did we go wrong? The President sold us on hope. This is a good thing. It is ideas that work is what gets mouths feed and pockets fat. This has yet to happen.

Now, we are deep in recession, fighting in Afghanistan, and in absolute war over health care. So how did this all happen? Did it just hit like lighting?

The Clinton administration left office with a huge trillion dollar surplus. In other words we had more money than we needed. What happened to that money? The rich got back billions in tax give backs, then the people were laid off, and we started two wars for freedom.

In conclusion, we had the money and gave away one half and blew up the other, and borrowed double that number and Bam, here we are. Sure people are hurting and need jobs and health care. Who really cares. What do you think?

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