Is Twitter Good For Business and Bloggers?

Twitter is so hot toady. In the morning I check it. Then in the afternoon I check it again,and the same at night as well. Do you find yourself doing the same thing? Is it fun to follow people?

Now, we find all big businesses Twitting. This may take the fun out of it. They of course want to control your information. I have noticed that fake pictures of little girls fronting for some outfit, to lure the average person in to a deal.

In conclusion, Twitter is an excellent means of communication. Both blogger and business can use this medium to get their message across. This service is fast and fun. We need more business and fun. What will be the next hot thing. You Tube was hot, now Twitter and next will be even faster. I have both Twitter and You Tube on my blog. Tell me: What Do You Think?


  1. Hi there,
    You're right.Twitter is the fastest communication for today internet Technology.It brings people connect together and knowing each other doing currently.

    You will get latest news from people all over the world ,be it either your friends,your places,your daily activities or your beloved family.

    However,you must be smart to avoid unnecessary negative approached from bad people.Fortunately,Twitter does have an interface that let you block whoever you seem unfit to your style and taste.

    IMO,to get the best advantages out of Twitter,you must do all the above as said plus don't ever send tons of affiliate links just want to get sales from people that do not know you at all.

    There are too many things I can't explain largely here.

    I wish you best of health to you,your friends and your family.

    Warmest regards,

  2. Excellent comment Henry. You have great insight into the pros and pitfalls one may have using Twitter effectively. Thank you.