How Can Business and Blogs Make Money?

Can blogs and business work together to make money? This is a rather serious question. The short answer is yes. The truth is they are different markets. Business sole purpose is to make money. Blogs are another matter.

The real question is, why do people blog. This question has been raised in a number of blog forums. The responses are quiet interesting. There are some bloggers are a major form of self-expression. People share deep feelings and thinking regarding their blogs. People also wish to share important information they wish to impart. Yet, business blogs are generally directed to their costumers to provide information to gain awareness to ultimately conduct business.

In conclusion, blogs are a new form of communication to impart information. Both business and the public use blogs effectively. The online community networks blogs, Twitter, Face-book and Blog-logs. AdSense aligns ads with content. The question regarding money id a specific goal of the individual or organization. The answer for me is to share your best thinking and feelings and live with it. If you make money in the process, it is all for the best. What do you think.


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