Promote Yourself

I need you to tell me and promote what you are doing in my comment section. Promote yourself. Promote your blog. Promote your Business. Promote. Promote, PROMOTE!!!


  1. I am involve with Donald Trump's networkmarketing company, Trump network. THis is one of the best business I ever been in because everyone is so excited! I have been signing people up every month and have not missed a beat. Get involved and get ahead of the masses!

  2. Please support this program. Trump is an outstanding promoter. Angela is so deserving of our consideration. Please contact her at I encourage other small businesses and blogs to comment with us.

  3. I write post for many blogs, yes, it is a full time job. Between blogs and twitter I receive over 500,000 hits per day. Many people that stop by do not leave comments, so do not worry. Check out my blogs at . If I cvan help you, please let me know. It takes lots of cvolumn to receive the clisks you need. Feel free to link to me, I often return the favor.
    Johnny Ray

  4. Thanks Sir John, I am so hppy that you are my guest. I will stay in touch. I will check out your blog and encourage our network to do so as well.

  5. My blog is mostly just a personal blog, where I share thoughts and events--both past and present of my life and my interests. I try to stay positive and a little humorous.

    I think my blog interests so many people, because I am right in the center of the midwest. There's an old saying (even in wikipedia) that asks "will it play in Peoria?" So you do get that midwestern perspective and I do live near near Peoria, IL and between St. Louis.

    I do hope to make some extra money online in the distant future through blogging but now it is a learning experience and I learned a lot and continue to learn and be inspired by others.

    Good luck on this blog. It does look like you are making progress as your content has increased every month. Keep adding fresh content every few days or more and you will be happy with your blog and the response it will garner.

  6. John,
    Your comments are spot on, we need to share our ideas new new ways. I want to promote as many good ideas as possible. We can all grow together and get rich through a powerful network. I work this network about 7 hours per day. I will do more, just to hit my goal of 1 million followers to promote. Thanks for your help.