We need to rethink how we promote blogs. We need to know how this blog will serve us. People want to be entertained. We need good information in a quick format. The visuals must be appealing to the eye. There is also a need for interaction and options. Tell me, what do you think?


  1. Okay, you asked, so don't get mad please! It's just my humble opinion! Light colored text on dark background is hard on most people's eyes. Also font size should be a good size, again for the same reason.

    Comments should be EASY to leave, so if a blog has word verification, to me it's a turn off and I may not leave as many comments as I would like. The same goes for comment moderation. People like to see their comments instantly puslished! People worry too much about spam and use that as an excuse, but to me it's just an excuse. Spam can be removed and most active bloggers see spam and get it removed quickly. Basically, you don't want your readers to have to "jump through hoops" to leave a comment! And bloggers should reply to comments.

    A good mix of visuals is important in my opinion. For posts I like to see more than just the most recent post. That way you can throw in some good visuals in between large blocks of text posts. For example, photographs, youtube videos, and things like that help to break up big blocks of text.

    The same goes for the side bar...a good mix of visuals to break up the text. Sidebars can look a little bit cluttered, if you're not careful. I know my own is probably a bit cluttered, but I have slowly gotten rid of more and more "clutter."

    As far as how many posts to show on the main page? I like to keep mine balance so that the posts side is the same length as the sidebar. Yes that means modiftying the # of posts in the layout quite often, depending on the length of each post. But it really only takes a minute.

    So there's my thoughts on promotion by means of formatting. Promotion though is a broad term! We can save that for a new post, huh? Promote by exhanging links, being on blogcatalog, etc.

  2. Thank You So Much Sir John,
    I am learning so much. I like to focus on each word. Yong people love visuals. I will make improvements as time progresses. You are a wonderful asset. Tell me how can I promote your service. I will work on it this weekend. Thank you so much. Big John