Life Online ?

The more I think about life the more I realize that I am spending a lot of time online. Do you find yourself doing the same thing too? Do you spend time reading the news, paying bills or watching YouTube?

Perhaps you have a business. You could have, Myspace or Face-book. There may be a social network you have, or an assignment to do for a project. Life as we know it has changed. Twitter is hot as I speak. I say good morning and good night each day. Do you?

Life online is going to be a song one day.You can be what you want it to be if you so desire. Meeting people, visiting different blogs, making deals and connecting with a world without reality or limits. Pease tell me: "What Do You Think?'

In conclusion, I am excited by all of the remote possibilities. You can do and who you want to be online. You can even be yourself if you like. My son lives online. The strange thing about it; so do I. What about you? Follow me and I will follow you.

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  1. I must be the only one who has this condition.