50/50 A New Idea?

Lately as in always, I have been promoting my blog. The question is: What is the most effective means to get other readers? There are people who will sell you traffic. That does not seem to be fun to me.

Moreover, developing readers is a good thing. What ideas do you have to promote blogs? Well, 50/50 is the best deal in the world. Visit me and I in turn visit you. Follow me and I will follow you.

In the near future , I will do a special on all my followers. This weekend I want to read 100 Blogs. Leave your comments and I will follow your blog.

In conclusion, 50/50 is a great idea. Perhaps we can have a challenge and start a new network. I am excited about this idea. I hope to learn so much from this idea. You may learn as well. I think this is so wonderful. Please tell me: What Do You Think?


  1. Hi there,
    Nice to meet you.I found you at mybloglog.I would like to drop a message here.

    I agree fully of your posting.This is because this is what I am doing.I posted a comment and followed blogger's blog in hoping we can make freinds.

    However,this takes time and must have involvement and participation from the on other side.It is not that easy to melt some people iron heart.

    But,I won't give-up easily.I believe some would have similar interest like us.

    Wish you best of health
    Have a great day

  2. I too agree with your wise thought. I found that this will cement a stronger relationship and stand to saty longer.

    Relationship needs time to develop, so do friendship. Wish you a great success.

  3. I am so pleased with my 50/50 idea.Thus far I have 5 more readers. I have join their blogs and have learned a great deal. Thank you so much for following.