What Do You Care About?

Lately I have been so busy promoting my blog I almost forgot to update it. After going from group to group and posting just about everywhere, I wonder why I am doing all of this?

Does anyone care? This is a good question. One of my new projects is to twit. I have over 50 followers. This is somewhat fun. It appears everybody is trying to market or sell something.

There are some people who want to be so helpful. They want me to make a million dollars. All I have to do is go to sleep, and when I awaken, bam, 1 million dollars. This is wonderful.

I guess people do care. I have another person in England who informed me that a long lost relative died and left me 50 million. Wow, People really care. The reason that I blog is because I care. Some times my words are awkward and miss-spelled, but I will struggle onward. There is good news. My new Canadian friend Norm is mentoring me to become a book reviewer. What do care about? Tell me what do you think?

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  1. I blog because it is a way for me to share with others what I am going through (and have gone through) in hopes to help others...or even bless them. I am in no way perfect and have every answer, but I am a survivor or many, many things and can offer support and encouragement.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.