I am So Ready for The Future....

Lately I heard so much talk about forget about the past. The new term is "Let us move forward to the future." I am somewhat confused on the future, although I looking forwards to a better day.

The one problem that I have is thinking about the present. I think about my bills. They seem to be long-term and never-ending. I look at the weather and I hope for a clear and warm day. If I wash my car it always rains.

I do however, love the past. I like old movies. Yet, there are some new movies that are rather good. I saw Swamp-dog something and it was good. I like new cars and concept cars as well. We need to look forward on a number of issues.

The future is what we make it. When we engage in positive thinking the results have a more favorable conclusion. This is something to get excited about.What do you think?

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