The Joy of Jesis is Love

What are the three things in life that are important regarding your heart and soul? There are so many issues that tear at our attention. We are living in a world where the media bombards us with millions of messages that have nothing to do with ones soul. Jesus offers a new life. Faith, Hope and Love are three important steps toward heaven.

We are to wrap ourselves in Hope, Faith and Love of Jesus Christ. God so loved the world that he gave us Jesus, in him we find that our faith will result in eternal life.

The Bible is so rich in love. Jesus gave His life on the cross for our sins. God raised Him on the third day with all power, honor and glory. We thank God in Christ Jesus until his return.

Meanwhile, what are we to do until the return of Jesus? We are to wrap our ourselves in The joy of Jesus with Faith, hope and love, We are to love Jesus because He first loved us. Praise god for all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus and to His absolute Joy.

Businesses wants you to support The Joy of Jesus

The Joy of Jesus Church is concerned for faith based business partners. We believe that more people need to speed more money to create jobs. The Joy of Jesus
Church wants people to become successful.

The more people have confidence in the economy the more jobs and mall businesses will start-up. The Joy of Jesus can help create businesses and help people find jobs.

The Joy of Jesus Church has several centers to help businesses and job seekers. We also need people to visit our business partners as well. Give to The Joy of Jesus Church We can help people, but we need your help to do so. Join our 10 million people campaign for hope and opportunity.

It is Time for The Joy of Jesus

Everyone wants to know the end game. People can not wait to learn when the end will happen. The real question is what should one dot be ready for the end?

Jesus said that no one knows the end but God. However, we need to know what we should be doing as time moves on to that particular time?

Jesus told His disciples to watch, pray and be ready. That advise is as good as one could ever receive. We pray that God's will be done.

The Joy of Jesus is our salvation. We pray for the Lords, righteousness, truth, peace, faithfulness and word of God in Christ Jesus. We love the Lord. We pray for the day of His return.

Jesus gave His life and shed His blood so that we may live forever. Jesus and His full joy is to return and set all things right. The power of God raised Him from the dead and will return Jesus with all power, honor and glory.

10 million People Csmpaign for The Joy of Jesus Hope program

People are losing hope today due to the economy and jobs. The Joy of Jesus Church is aware of this situation and calling for positive thinking around the world to make a difference. One campaign for 10 million people to stand up for Hope and Opportunity is a real start to a new beginning.

The joy of Jesus Pastor The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee is in deep prayer for families around the world. The Joy of Jesus has programs that promote opportunity in the following ares: Jobs, Business, Education,Health Care, Peace Studies, Green technology, and Poverty Studies to improve the quality of life for all.

Join our Campaign for Hope. Give to The Joy of Jesus through our free toolbar or visit our sponsors today. We are looking for 10 million people that starts with yo today, help us help others

The joy of Jesus offers Substance Abuse Help

Substance Abuse is a real problem that is destroying families each day. The Joy of Jesus Church id taking immediate action to address this problem with direct information to assist families find the help they need to solve this dilemma. The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee has witness too many lives lost in alcohol and drugs.

The Joy of Jesus wants to help people take this issue to heart for help. The Joy of Jesus offers additional canters as well. There is a Business Center; Educational Center, Health Center and Jobs/Career Center too.

The Joy of Jesus is looking for 10 million people to join our campaign for Hope and Opportunity for all people. Do give to The Joy of Jesus Church online today. This is a real chance to help people

Rev. Dr. James A. Lee & Healing with The Joy of Jesus

Is there an aliment that causes you server pain and an inability to do the tasks take everything you may need? There are countless people with disabilities. Jesus understood that this is the case.

The real issue is not illness or disability, the question is how does one cope with the problem. One day there was a meeting in a home where Jesus was the guest. People with all types of illnesses came to receive the blessing of healing from the master.

There was a man that could not walk was lowered down into the meeting because he sought healing from Jesus. The Man believed that Jesus could heal him. Jesus told the man to stand and walk. The man stood and walked as Jesus had directed him to do so.

The man who could not walk began to walk and praise God for this incredible blessing. Jesus said your faith has made you well.

The Joy of Jesus is all about faith and doing as Jesus has asked us to do. Follow me is all He asked of His disciple and to love ones neighbor as ones self. That is all we can do. Have faith and you will be healed by The Joy of Jesus.

The Joy of Jesus online Wants to Move The Economy for all

A recent CNN poll indicated that 10% more people believe things are getting better than this time last year. Unemployment remains high at 9.7%. The Joy of Jesus Church takes an affirmative approach to addressing these issues from a faith-based perspective.

The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor of The Joy of Jesus Church has initiated a new campaign for 10 million people to promote Hope and Opportunity for all people around the world. Our main canters for opportunity are: Business Development, Educational Scholarships and School Section Programs; Green Technology Business Simplex and Health Care Careers and Services to help provide a since of direction on opportunities available.

The Joy of Jesus Church mission is to promote faith and social-economic development. We also have a peace center and poverty center as well. It is important to give ti The Joy of Jesus to expand opportunity and hope world-wide. Please share our site with your contacts and join us as we more this economy forward to help people restore confidence

Can you join The Joy of Jesus Green Movement

As the economy recovers the green technologies represent the best long-term investment. The Joy of Jesus Church is moving forward on this regard. Research and business development are the two areas that we share with our community,

Green Technology requires tremendous infrasture that spills over into other strategic ares of the economy. For example, education, health care and transportation are key industries; The Joy of Jesus Church has centers in all of these fields in addition to business development.

The core message of The Joy of Jesus Church online is promoting; Hope and Opportunity Campaign for 10million people to help people Our desire is to expand the idea of hope and the possible. We want people to have faith and jobs. You may also donate to The Joy of Jesus Church as well. go Green all the way today.

Church online The Joy of Jesus Looking Forward

The Joy of Jesus Church is Growing

The Joy of Jesus Church is developed to provide an online spiritual experience for our readers.Our message is clear,: Hope, Peace and Love through opportunity. We pray for people and situations. We are concerned about families and jobs.

The joy of Jesus Church believes in hope and Opportunity. We offer a Jobs/Career Center that has a job locater and resume distribution center. We also offer a Business Center that can help some one get started in small business, in addition we have a Green Tech. Center to help develop the new economy of the future among other virtual services and programs to provide opportunity.

Our new goal is to have 10 million people join us to pray for hope and opportunity for all people. This is so important because so many people are struggling without HOPE! This is our prayer and mission. [url= t=_blank][/url]{image(65840,center,medium)}
Join us and share The joy of Jesus Today.

Can People attend Easter Service online The Joy of Jesus Church

People are becoming more attracted to online churches. The Joy of Jesus Church has been online for over ten years. We pray for people of all faiths. We offer Scripture and study guides for all people. The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee welcomes all people to pray for all people in the love that Jesus will give.

The Joy of Jesus Church is all about Hope and Opportunity. We have all the tools to develop faith. Also we offer the tools for opportunities: Jobs, Health Care, Business Development, Media Center, Poverty Center, Peace and Non-Violence Center, Education and Scholarship Program. We offer a Green Technology Simplex as well to all people.

The Joy of Jesus Church still needs support to make our programs available to all people. We have a free toolbar that raises money for the needy without expense to you. Our sponsors will contribute to us if you visit as well. You may wish to donate directly to help us help others in need. Yes more people are attending church online. The joy of Jesus Church is open for all of your love

The Joy of Jesus are People attending Church?

The number of church goers has been on a decline. The question as to why is of great concern. The Joy of Jesus church understands why this phenomia is occurring. Society is becoming more involved with the Internet community. People are doing more on-line e.i., work, pleasure, and shopping is mostly done on the Internet. The same is true with church.

Organized religions has gone through many changes as well. Corruption and scandal have been a real problem. It causes many people to distrust the church and it's leaders. The Joy of Jesus Church is an on-line experience.

We believe in the power of the spirit. The Joy of Jesus prays for all people. We have no physical contact for corruption. We offer services, for example, jobs,education,peace studies and business opportunities all from the touch of ones keyboard.

The Joy of Jesus still welcomes gifts from our sponsor, we have a toolbar that makes donations to The Red Cross without cost to the user. There are other sponsors as well of no cost. We also accept donation as small as one dollar. The reasons why people have lost faith in most institutions. The Joy of Jesus Church is all about hope and opportunity for all people.

The Joy of Jesus Church at Calvary

Are the difficulties of life so demanding that there seems to be something missing? Our lives have become so intricate that even the worlds fastest computers are challenged. The question as to where life's journey will lead is still clear in the life of the believer: Calvary.

The entire notion of a place that determines one perspective on life itself is surreal at best. Carvery is a place where the cruelest act of society was inflicted on The Son of God. Blood was shed, torture, pain and agony unto death was experienced. But why?

The answer is somewhat simple. Sin. Jesus suffered the weight of all the sins of the world. We are all sinners saved by the grace that took place at Calvary. We owe a great deal of gratitude to God, Christ Jesus,and The Holy Spirit to remember the absolute faith that was demonstrated by God in His Son

Calvary ,you and I have a lot in common. We must have complete faith in God that our sins were washed clean at Calvary. We must trust that God's plan for eternal life is fulfilled at Calvary. We submit to god in faith, we thank God for His grace, and we praise God for His love. The Joy of Jesus is our salvation. Calvary is where you and I place our faith in Christ Jesus return.

People need Jobs The Joy of Jesus Church

The world needs more people working. The Joy of Jesus Church has a Jobs/Career Center to help people find jobs. The unemployment rates will remain high for the foreseeable future. People need jobs now.

The joy of Jesus Church has a resume service that can apply for a large number of jobs at once. We also have a service for higher paying positions as well. The Joy of Jesus offers other services as well. For example: The Business Center, Green Technology, Educational services and Health Care Centers to help people.

We hope that you can give to The Joy of Jesus Church by getting our free toolbar or visiting our sponsors. You may wish to donate as little as one dollar. Do share our Jobs Center and give to The Joy of Jesus today.