Church online The Joy of Jesus Looking Forward

The Joy of Jesus Church is Growing

The Joy of Jesus Church is developed to provide an online spiritual experience for our readers.Our message is clear,: Hope, Peace and Love through opportunity. We pray for people and situations. We are concerned about families and jobs.

The joy of Jesus Church believes in hope and Opportunity. We offer a Jobs/Career Center that has a job locater and resume distribution center. We also offer a Business Center that can help some one get started in small business, in addition we have a Green Tech. Center to help develop the new economy of the future among other virtual services and programs to provide opportunity.

Our new goal is to have 10 million people join us to pray for hope and opportunity for all people. This is so important because so many people are struggling without HOPE! This is our prayer and mission. [url= t=_blank][/url]{image(65840,center,medium)}
Join us and share The joy of Jesus Today.

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