The Joy of Jesus Church at Calvary

Are the difficulties of life so demanding that there seems to be something missing? Our lives have become so intricate that even the worlds fastest computers are challenged. The question as to where life's journey will lead is still clear in the life of the believer: Calvary.

The entire notion of a place that determines one perspective on life itself is surreal at best. Carvery is a place where the cruelest act of society was inflicted on The Son of God. Blood was shed, torture, pain and agony unto death was experienced. But why?

The answer is somewhat simple. Sin. Jesus suffered the weight of all the sins of the world. We are all sinners saved by the grace that took place at Calvary. We owe a great deal of gratitude to God, Christ Jesus,and The Holy Spirit to remember the absolute faith that was demonstrated by God in His Son

Calvary ,you and I have a lot in common. We must have complete faith in God that our sins were washed clean at Calvary. We must trust that God's plan for eternal life is fulfilled at Calvary. We submit to god in faith, we thank God for His grace, and we praise God for His love. The Joy of Jesus is our salvation. Calvary is where you and I place our faith in Christ Jesus return.

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