The Joy of Jesus online Wants to Move The Economy for all

A recent CNN poll indicated that 10% more people believe things are getting better than this time last year. Unemployment remains high at 9.7%. The Joy of Jesus Church takes an affirmative approach to addressing these issues from a faith-based perspective.

The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor of The Joy of Jesus Church has initiated a new campaign for 10 million people to promote Hope and Opportunity for all people around the world. Our main canters for opportunity are: Business Development, Educational Scholarships and School Section Programs; Green Technology Business Simplex and Health Care Careers and Services to help provide a since of direction on opportunities available.

The Joy of Jesus Church mission is to promote faith and social-economic development. We also have a peace center and poverty center as well. It is important to give ti The Joy of Jesus to expand opportunity and hope world-wide. Please share our site with your contacts and join us as we more this economy forward to help people restore confidence

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