The Joy of Jesus are People attending Church?

The number of church goers has been on a decline. The question as to why is of great concern. The Joy of Jesus church understands why this phenomia is occurring. Society is becoming more involved with the Internet community. People are doing more on-line e.i., work, pleasure, and shopping is mostly done on the Internet. The same is true with church.

Organized religions has gone through many changes as well. Corruption and scandal have been a real problem. It causes many people to distrust the church and it's leaders. The Joy of Jesus Church is an on-line experience.

We believe in the power of the spirit. The Joy of Jesus prays for all people. We have no physical contact for corruption. We offer services, for example, jobs,education,peace studies and business opportunities all from the touch of ones keyboard.

The Joy of Jesus still welcomes gifts from our sponsor, we have a toolbar that makes donations to The Red Cross without cost to the user. There are other sponsors as well of no cost. We also accept donation as small as one dollar. The reasons why people have lost faith in most institutions. The Joy of Jesus Church is all about hope and opportunity for all people.

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