50/50 A New Idea?

Lately as in always, I have been promoting my blog. The question is: What is the most effective means to get other readers? There are people who will sell you traffic. That does not seem to be fun to me.

Moreover, developing readers is a good thing. What ideas do you have to promote blogs? Well, 50/50 is the best deal in the world. Visit me and I in turn visit you. Follow me and I will follow you.

In the near future , I will do a special on all my followers. This weekend I want to read 100 Blogs. Leave your comments and I will follow your blog.

In conclusion, 50/50 is a great idea. Perhaps we can have a challenge and start a new network. I am excited about this idea. I hope to learn so much from this idea. You may learn as well. I think this is so wonderful. Please tell me: What Do You Think?

Micheal Jackson

The word that Micheal Jackson died deeply hurts my heart. Micheal Jackson was indeed a star. He was misunderstood but he made some entertaining song i.e,"I 'll Be There." The dream of poor children singing their way to fame and now death is hard to understand.

The reports that he lost all of his money. This is tragic. I hope that his family can survive this sad momment.I love his music and I love him.

Fame can be a hard thing to live with the bulk of his life. These are tough days for ALL THE WORLD. We must be prayerful. These are sad days.

Why Are Govenors Going Wild?

In olden days there was a scandal here and a sandal there, but now it is every week. What is it in the water that is making people get so wild? One day a Governor is missing in action, the next thing you know, he has been wilding out in South America.

The former Governor of New York was caught going buck wild in Washington D.C. The world is under tremendous pressure not seen since The Great Depression. Is it the demmand to perform, or is it to pretend until one is caught in the act?

The world needs new leadership. We need people who can simply do the job. A new order is in play. This recession is pushing people in to the streets. Poor Jon and Kate plus the eight is a disaster. These poor children will be forgotten in four weeks.

In conclusion,we are in for a tough road ahead. I am concern that we may have run out of gas. If so, the green movement makes sense. Let us get back to basics. We need to stay focused on living the simple life. Fan and fortune may not be the best career option. Please tell me, what do you think?

People are Reading...

Have you ever felt good about something that appeared small, yet one that is as precious as gold? Well, the answer for me is when some one has taken the time to read ones writing. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Writing is such an industry and an art form as well. The idea of communicating ones thoughts in written words is fascinating. Many of my contacts are business people. So am I, it is my gaol to provoke thinking at a deeper level by asking questions to simulate critical thinking.

Business people and the art community are actually one. We are all trying to sell ideas, goods and services. The question is, how did we derive at such decisions? What process did we employee to finalize our thinking? Did we ask the tough questions?

In conclusion,I feel so good when some reads my work. This should make you glad as when you make some one happy. Please tell me what do you think?

What Do You Care About?

Lately I have been so busy promoting my blog I almost forgot to update it. After going from group to group and posting just about everywhere, I wonder why I am doing all of this?

Does anyone care? This is a good question. One of my new projects is to twit. I have over 50 followers. This is somewhat fun. It appears everybody is trying to market or sell something.

There are some people who want to be so helpful. They want me to make a million dollars. All I have to do is go to sleep, and when I awaken, bam, 1 million dollars. This is wonderful.

I guess people do care. I have another person in England who informed me that a long lost relative died and left me 50 million. Wow, People really care. The reason that I blog is because I care. Some times my words are awkward and miss-spelled, but I will struggle onward. There is good news. My new Canadian friend Norm is mentoring me to become a book reviewer. What do care about? Tell me what do you think?

What Do I Think?

Experience is an excellent teacher. As I continue to blog and market my page, I am learning so much from my groups. People are doing wonderful things, particularly in the Northwest.

The small businesses are driving the economy. Their net-working skills and efforts are rather remarkable. They have events, write articles, and provide great feedback.

In conclusion, I think that my virtual community will be driven housed in the great northwest. Perhaps I can make the mid-west in play. The east and south are still in play. I think that people will begin to think more when provided good information and ideas.

Has Blogging Gotten Old?

I sometimes wonder about blogging? I know I enjoy it and it can be rather therapeutic. However, Twitter is is so hot right now. Millions of people are just twitting away.
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What you are you doing? This is as basic as : What do you think/ I really MEAN : wHAT DO- yOU THINK?

This new communication is short and fast. The future is moving faster than the present. People are following each other and some are not very attractive. There is this one guy that follows me, but I do not follow him. The word starker comes to mind. Groups seem to be hot but twitter is it. Tell me what do you think?

Picking Up The Pace....

My plan to join a boat load of groups is beginning to work. I am getting more e-mails at drjalee52@yahoo.com. People are doing all kinds of wonderful things online. There are some people how would like to help me earn one-million dollars. There are some that just want to give it to me.

What do you think? IU wonder about my new friend who will send me more traffic. There are people who want to fix my credit. Some people want me go go back to school and do just about anything.

What I do want is a break. I just want some general information on how to attract more readers. Meanwhile, I will just keep joining groups and getting these wonderful emails for one million dollars. I you like I will give your name so that we can all become millionaires. Then you can tell your friends and they too will become rich too. What do you think?

Progress Maybe be Hard....

The President made great progress in the middle-east. He has openned the dialogue regarding who is the enimey. Peace is the word. Oil and money is the game. America needs more jobs. The exstreme weathy should all halp make more jobs. Let us buy American cars. We need to speed money in the communities that we live. i will be so glad when the recessio9n is over.

I am So Ready for The Future....

Lately I heard so much talk about forget about the past. The new term is "Let us move forward to the future." I am somewhat confused on the future, although I looking forwards to a better day.

The one problem that I have is thinking about the present. I think about my bills. They seem to be long-term and never-ending. I look at the weather and I hope for a clear and warm day. If I wash my car it always rains.

I do however, love the past. I like old movies. Yet, there are some new movies that are rather good. I saw Swamp-dog something and it was good. I like new cars and concept cars as well. We need to look forward on a number of issues.

The future is what we make it. When we engage in positive thinking the results have a more favorable conclusion. This is something to get excited about.What do you think?

A Great Time to Grow....

Lately, I have thinking about new ideas to make my blog grow. The great idea is keep writing. The more I write the better I will become in the future. I have been reading up on hoe to promote ones blog as well.

Perhaps people are not really thinking anymore and just worrying about the future. I maybe just as worried as the next person. Money is still a problem. However, I will be3 starting a new small business. I would love to be in the blogging business because it is so much fun.

People may not have time to read because they are blogging so much. You Tube is hot too. Soon I will add more pictures to the blog what do you think? Why are there so many blogs in foreign languages? I was contacted by someone from Greece. I really appreciated the contact,but it was all Greek to me. I mean really Greek.

Blogging is an art form. This blog will grow into a new art form. A blog where average and anything close is a good thing. Tell me: What do you think?