Micheal Jackson

The word that Micheal Jackson died deeply hurts my heart. Micheal Jackson was indeed a star. He was misunderstood but he made some entertaining song i.e,"I 'll Be There." The dream of poor children singing their way to fame and now death is hard to understand.

The reports that he lost all of his money. This is tragic. I hope that his family can survive this sad momment.I love his music and I love him.

Fame can be a hard thing to live with the bulk of his life. These are tough days for ALL THE WORLD. We must be prayerful. These are sad days.


  1. micheal jacksons death left ever heart in sorrow.

  2. I cn not blieve my own words regarding this matter. In some cases the heart takes over and the words come out. Thank you, Love, Dr.

  3. I miss Michael. Regardless of the controversy,
    his talent can not be denied.

  4. I love that you miss Michael Jackson. He can rest now. His life seems to be one of saddness. We need more joy. Thank you.