Picking Up The Pace....

My plan to join a boat load of groups is beginning to work. I am getting more e-mails at drjalee52@yahoo.com. People are doing all kinds of wonderful things online. There are some people how would like to help me earn one-million dollars. There are some that just want to give it to me.

What do you think? IU wonder about my new friend who will send me more traffic. There are people who want to fix my credit. Some people want me go go back to school and do just about anything.

What I do want is a break. I just want some general information on how to attract more readers. Meanwhile, I will just keep joining groups and getting these wonderful emails for one million dollars. I you like I will give your name so that we can all become millionaires. Then you can tell your friends and they too will become rich too. What do you think?

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