Rev. Dr. James A. Lee & Healing with The Joy of Jesus

Is there an aliment that causes you server pain and an inability to do the tasks take everything you may need? There are countless people with disabilities. Jesus understood that this is the case.

The real issue is not illness or disability, the question is how does one cope with the problem. One day there was a meeting in a home where Jesus was the guest. People with all types of illnesses came to receive the blessing of healing from the master.

There was a man that could not walk was lowered down into the meeting because he sought healing from Jesus. The Man believed that Jesus could heal him. Jesus told the man to stand and walk. The man stood and walked as Jesus had directed him to do so.

The man who could not walk began to walk and praise God for this incredible blessing. Jesus said your faith has made you well.

The Joy of Jesus is all about faith and doing as Jesus has asked us to do. Follow me is all He asked of His disciple and to love ones neighbor as ones self. That is all we can do. Have faith and you will be healed by The Joy of Jesus.

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