What Do Readers Need?

Readers are what real Blogs want. Business needs readers as well. The real question is what do readers need? People online are all over the place looking for traffic. This can be quiet trying.

Readers need information and ideas. People need to motivated,to get some release of stress and make money. Sure, hit a Google Ad and someone pays, and another gets paid. The concept is simple in design.

In conclusion, what do readers need? We need to know that someone is a real person is writing the words. That some one understands. I want to build a powerful network. I need people with ideas that want to help each other grow. One person can not do it. The great idea is keep following and following. I will follow you. I will promote you. I will help you too. Just keep pushing. Tell me what do you think, and why?

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps people are not really readers? There may another need that I am missing. We need some one who can explain this to me.