Is The Race Question Interferring w/ The Economy?

The media is looking at the Dr. Henry L. Gates arrest and charges of racism, more so than the economy and health care. As I watched the news people are concerned that The President spoke out on this issue.

The real problem is health care was pushed back. There are 47 million people with out insurance. There are roughly 30 million people out of work. What are we doing?

Sure, the President did not start the health care problem, nor did he make the unemployment numbers rise, and he did not invent racism. However, he did promise to address these issues.

In conclusion, the Clintons said it best, " It is the economy stupid." Yes there are racial, gender, ethnic and orientation problems that must be addressed. However, it is another issue when you do not have a job or insurance and the whole situation just makes you sick. What should we do?


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