Health Care gone Over the Top

The national news is depicting people going to town hall meetings and going wild to stop health care reform. Why is it that these people are coming out and just screaming? They do not appear to be listening. They make America look like we may need to run a deficit on mental health.

There are over 47 million people without heat care. Where are they? Given the volume of these so called protesters, they all have health care. It is reported that these protesters are ringers. In other words, paid people to have a fit.

Why is it that people simply do not want anyone to have anything? In the long run our health care cost is about 3 to 4 dollars more than most nations. As a result, business is more inclined to go in that direction. We also learned that most insurance executives are making huge salaries for preventing major surgeries and cutting people off when they most need insurance.

In conclusion, we will have some form of health care reform. People will become bored of agitators screaming at meetings. There will still be about 25 million people without insurance and the nation will be divided on class, gender, orientation, ethnic background and weight. Perhaps we should be more upset unemployment, gas prices and educational cost; notwithstanding the environment. Please tell me, what do you think about health care going over the top?

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