Can We Change The World?

Are you happy with how the world functions today? When you hear about war, how do you feel? What about seeing people hungry on T.V. with flies biting them, what do you think? What about when you hear about families losing their jobs, homes, and health care and dying? Did you ever think how can this world be changed?

The world has always had its problems.It appears that there are no solutions. What if we had more money to feed everyone? What if we and enough lumber and bricks to build everyone a home? What if we had enough books and teachers to education everyone? Would this help?

Oh, we do have enough resources, they are just in the wrong places. We need leadership at the United Nations to develop a plan. Can greed be the problem? There are nations as large as Ohio that literally rule the world. Our hope is in a better world. We need more awareness and concern for humanity. We have more than enough resources to do whatever, however, there is to little compassion. We need it now.

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