Why are The Anti- Health Care People Upset?

Health care has been placed on hold for a moment. The death of Ted Kennedy has stopped the news cycle on the life and issues of the Kennedy family. This has taken away the guns and shouting for no reason.

Now, the people who do not want health care reform must take a break. If they continue to act like the mental health aspect of reform is clearly under-funded. On the other hand, the reformers must slow down as well because they will come off like exploiters of death.

We need this time to think. The future will be hard if the past is any form of indicator. The green movement will invent more jobs but at a slow rate. We need to get closer to nature. We need more peace and quiet. It is important that we use this time to think about the future with shouting and guns. Time out is a good thing. Please,tell me, what do you think?

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