Can Small Businesses Profit from Reform?

Lately the big battle has been over health care reform. The real question is can small businesses create economic progress? The unemployment numbers will remain at 9% for the next 3 to 4 years. This will be a jobless recovery, or in other words a paper recovery.

The fact is, people must develop their own business. One is providing a service and the other is providing information; this is the way of the future. Developing green technology is the way. My wife and I made an organic garden. There were people coming from all over for, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, watermelons, corn, and onions. We gave it away for free.

What if we charged for it or asked for a donation we would have done well. I want to start an investment group on green tech. The future is here.. What ideas do you have?

In conclusion, real reform is in how we think. The idea of working for an organization and retiring is over. Small business is all we have in the future. Provide a service and perfecting ones skills is vital. What do you think?


  1. It's true that in most instances job stability with large companies is all but a distant memory (not to generalize because there are still some reliable employers out there), but for the most part those days are indeed over I think. Today's working world is very different from the days of yesteryear.

    While it may be difficult to count on job stability, the one thing people can count on is themselves. Developing skillsets and broadening one's horizons is the path that will lead to the opportunities of the future...

  2. Leigh.
    You are so spot on in your comment regarding skill sets. Small business must be reformed to increase jobs. We need more capital, i.e. loans and tax breaks. Our educational system must change to help develop business and jobs. Thank you so very much for your thinking on this matter..

  3. That organic garden would be a great idea, Dr. James!

  4. I think the green movement is a good thing. I believe society has gotten too far away from nature. We must learn to find more beauty and resources from nature that improve the quality of life. That you for the encouragement.