Why do some Stars do Dumb Things

Lately, there has been a number of break-downs in public that has caused me concern. Serena Williams used the foulest of language at the U.S. Open tennis match to a line judge. Kanye West, big time rapper, jumped-up at the M TV awards, took the mic from a winner and declared that another should have won. Then during a Presidential Address to congress, a representative screamed out, "you are a lie."

Do you ever wonder, what is in the water? These are sad commentaries to the quality of life we are experiencing in terms the public figures behaving poorly. Is there something wrong with our educational system that allows people to do whatever? Is there a break down in the home that says, do whatever pops into your stupid head?

In closing, we need to take a hard look at these people who claim to demanded our attention. They want us to vote for them. They want us to buy the products being advertised when they are on television. Now, when we make the simply request to act in a civil manner, all hell breaks out. Perhaps I am too old and cannot understand the problems of today. But guess what? They are right. Further, I do not care! Please, tell me what do you think?

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