Happy Labor Day or Is It?

Happy Labor Day to all workers around the world. Workers have made all the things we have and do. They have made the biggest things to the smallest. The great works to the worst jobs that people take for granted. We celebrate all workers today.

Labor day is the last warm holiday. Often we forget about all of the home-makers that perform the thankless job of raising children. We must also look at the people who work from home today as well.

However, my real concern is for the jobless. I am pushing for a full employment act. This bill will ensure everyone a job. Work is so important to our livelihood. People need work. Our unemployment numbers are simply too high. We have about 15 million people out of work.

In conclusion, the full employment act can solve a multitude of problems. We need to end poverty and ignorance today. We celebrate labor day for all that we find important regarding work. I wish jobs for all. Please tell me what do you think?

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