I Don't Get it?

The nation is at full alert on health care reform. Afghanistan is in all out war. People are still losing their jobs at an alarming rate and no one has said anything about it.
Perhaps we are in some type of dream? Maybe people are so busy trying to make it that they do not have the time to bother? America is in the biggest change period we have ever experienced.
I am concerned that our educational system has done such a poor job that we simply do not understand what is going on or we do not care. The worst case is both; we do not know and we do not care.
We need to start pushing for jobs today. The people with jobs are fighting to keep their job. They do not realize that when people start losing their jobs it dose not stop.
Taxes are too high. Why are we spending billions for a war that no one understands? Why are we fighting over health care when people are dying with pig flue?
In closing, I do not get it. I am at a lost. I read about 10 news papers a day and 5 magazines and about 30 blogs and I just do not get it. Perhaps I am slow. We need more jobs and less war. We could do with less talk and more action. Please tell me what do you think?

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