High School Sluts List is sick

A high school has a SLUT LIST. This has gone too far. Parents were upset. They also wanted to do drugs and sex in exchange for dumb things. We are failing our children at some point. Please tell me what do you think? Please note the following:

My Slut-Called Life: NJ High School Girls Circulate A “Slut List”
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12:40PM, Tuesday September 22nd 2009
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Hazing: It’s not just for Chuck Bass at the Skull & Bones Society anymore! High school girls in New Jersey are now pretending they’re badasses by putting younger girls on a nasty “slut list.” The New York Times reported that catty seniors at Millburn High School in wealthy Millburn, New Jersey have circulated a “slut list” on which they scribble dozens of names of “pretty and popular” incoming freshman with “crass descriptions” on loose-leaf paper. The school principal, Dr. William Miron, said the tradition has taken place for over a decade, but this year hundreds of copies of the “slut list” written up by sports team

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