Could Health Care Reform be Lost?

The off-year election results are in and the Democrats lost two important states. New Jersey and Virginia were piked-up by The Republicans. This may have been the kiss of death for health care reform. The real question is why dose these results kill reform?

In order to really move legislation in Washington D.C. is to have a mandate. Time has run out. The buzzer has gone off. Do we really need reform? Will it cost too much? Will reform get more people covered? Should a jobs bill gone before health reform? The answer to all of these question is, yes.

A more important question is, what will happen now? The answer to this question is somewhat historic in nature. The word is nothing. Our system is set-up for people with resources. Those who are in poverty will most likely stay in poverty. The middle-cast will stay in the middle and the rich will no doubt get what? Richer.

In closing, as for me I will continue to hope for the best. The same rules apply. We must do our best for ourselves. The true reform is get yours. Do not worry about your neighbor. Just do what you must do. Get yours. Sure we thought that there would be change. We got it. Things have gotten worst. The philosophy of do for self is a hot ticket. The have not are simply out of luck. I am sorry but that is what I think. Please tell me, what you think?

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