Why dose Change Hurt?

It is ones understanding that change is a good thing. We must embrace change. The future is all about change. There are change agents. This is a wonderful thing. Yet, change seems to be painful. Just following health care reform, it has become rather painful. Why does change hurt?

Have you ever wondered why all of the industrial nations offer health care to all, and The U.S. dose not? do you ever considered that The U.S. pays more for health care? The answer has become clear to me. There are people with power who simply want to make money and not really care about people without.

Change is a funny word. People who can avoid it are happy and embrace it well. On the other hand, the people who have to eat stuff and die so to speak get the pain and change. Our jobs are gone. Taxes are too high; we are at war (for what?), and our children are being hit with violence. Some one may ask, what change, just more of the same.

In closing, some change is good and a lot of it is bad. Poverty is on the rise. We must ask ourselves what changes do we need and what change do we want? The real question are we prepared for change? If we are, it is must easier to deal with as it happens. We must live with just. But, do we have to like it? I hope for three things regarding change. One, full empolyment,secondly, haelth care for all, and finally, peace for. Please tell me: What do you think?

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