Going Nowhere Fast..

Have noticed that people are driving faster? I wonder why? Cars, SUVs and vans are on the move. Gas prices are rising fast. I just bought an American sports car and it is fast. However, I drive slow. Dose that make any sense?

I am concerned about gas mileage. The really burns fuel like water which is also expensive, When will we ever get a break. Prices are going up. Jobs are cutting pay. We need a break.

Time off and time out may be in order. Where shall I go and what should I do? Money plays such an important role in what we do. I would sit at home but my rent is high. I feel like a kid at an amusement park that wants everything and can n0t afford cotton candy nor the stomach ache. What do you think? Maybe I am not going cast enough, but I need to go faster.

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