Trying to Get Readers....

Lately, I have been attempting to get readers for my blog. This is a painful experience. Yet, one may learn a great deal in the process. Tell me what do you think?
There are numerous sites that claim they may direct 50 K. visitors to your blog for a fee. This term sounds too much like free, the word I am seeking.
Group and clubs are a good path to take, I have join about 50 at this point and will probably join about ten per day. What do you think? Some of groups have funny names like idiots on line and so forth.
Networking online is a big business. There are so many organizations to select from, all of which require a fee; not free.
Perhaps I should work on content more, this may increase my effectiveness. I could talk a little more about hope. People love hope. Yes, I hope I get more readers. One thing is for certain besides taxes and death--I will be in more groups. What do you think?

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