Spring Time is a Great for Thinking!

I love springtime. The air is warmer and winter drifts away and everything becomes new. Thinking can take on new ideas about life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What you think about springtime? Dose it make you think about traveling new places?
May is such a wonderful month. The economy is looking a little better. Energy bills are dropping. The green movement is a good thing. I just hate when people wear green just to exploit the movement. I wonder how people really think and feel about saving the planet?
Nevertheless, the flu is a real concern. People think that it will cover the planet. Can the green movement address this matter? I hope we can get out in front of this problem. Washing hands and disinfecting all public space is a great idea. What do you think? I really hope that education becomes the number one issue in the world. What do you think? Everyone will be smarter and kinder. I think this spring will give us a new life and time to do some good for all people. What do you think?

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