New Groups

I did not realize the number of groups online. There so many groups that I got lost in their memberships, events ,profiles, and promotions.I wonder if anyone is really interested? I think each person is so busy marketing and selling we lose real communication?

I would like to restore a sense of community where people can slow down and think. A Place where one could enjoy a cup of coffee and not have to type. My coffee gets cold because I online too long. My ideas get rather cold as well.

I was lost in group-ville but now I am home. My coffee keeps getting cold and I am trying hard to communicate. What do you think?

However, I do see some groups on the west coast have mastered the online venue. They are networking on a different level. Perhaps the world is different than the Midwest? The great thing thing is I am learning. What I know is a different question? What do you think? Maybe I should drink my coffee in one of those new mug that keep it warmer longer? What if I learn to enjoy cold coffee? What do you think?

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