I Can Not Wait!

Have you ever really wanted something to happen and when it did come about you were fickled about it? That is what I feel about summer time. I want warmer weather but not too hot. I want the perfect day. What do you think is the perfect temorture? I think 78degrees is just right.
I do not wish to so hot that the car seats are burning your legs.
What city has the perfect temporature year round? There are many reports San Diago is just right. What do you think?

I just what to have fun. Cook-outs and bike riding are fun things to do. Going on long walks is also fun. Parks are a great place to be in the good old summer time. We need actually less fun and more work. The economy is still bad. People are losing their jobs. I wonder when the jobs will come back. The government can only do so much.

We need a cooperate leader to really step up and make things happen. We should all go out and buy an American car. We need to find out what is the true meaning of the green movement. Last week my wife and I planted an organic garden for sick patients. I want to save the planet and make money. Perhaps I can start a green movement for idiots. Tell me what do you think?

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