Can We Find The Time?

I wonder if there we be a time when one can simply find the time to think? People are getting swept away by time. Thinking is almost a lost art. The computer has on one hand given us more time . Yet, on the other hand we have more information at a faster rate. In fact it is getting faster.
I am concerned that many of the baby-boomers are fighting to keep up. We need a day of thinking. Everyone can take a day off and just think.
What can we think about? What about world peace? What about creating more jobs? How about traveling?
Can we find the time to think? Why is this issue so important to me? Often I am faced with people whom appear to mindlessly do their respective jobs with out any thinking at all.
I want a more intelligent society. We need better and more educational opportunities to advance society. America can become more like Canada. I seldom here of problems in Canada. Perhaps they have more time to think? Can we ever find the time? The answer is : If we make time. Now, What shall we think about?

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