A World Poverty Center Opens

Press Release:
Dr. James A. Lee
5050 s. LSD
Chicago,IL 60615

A New Center on Poverty Opens

The Joy of Jesus Church on-line has opened a new center to study poverty on the world economy. The Joy of Jesus Church on-line http://thejoyofjesuschurchonline.blogspot.com/ has taken the issue of poverty seriously, said, The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee, Pastor and CEO of JDK& Associates. People are losing their homes and jobs at an alarming rank and our governments have not taken the issue of poverty as a major factor.

Jobs, Health Care, Business Development and Education are all answers to ending poverty. That is why The Joy of Jesus ministries is taking these issues to heart by opening centers of information on each subject for the average person to learn. we also need donations to help fund our programs.

The Joy of Jesus Church on-line is growing as more people are seeking new hope in different places. The Joy of Jesus is open to all people of all faiths. We want to a resource to the world. Our goal is to end poverty on Earth. Hope, peace, and love constitute joy. We wish to spread joy through self-help programs that empower people with hope and information.


Dr.James A. Lee

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