An Educational Change

Press Release:
Dr. James A. Lee
5050 LSD
Chgo., IL60615

A True Educational Reform

The Joy of Jesus Church is in the move. The Dr. James A. Lee Bible University -LBU is now open for study This university's mission is to provide the best resources and tools for scholarship today. Dr. James A. Lee is both the Pastor of The Joy of Jesus and Chancellor of LBU.

People need hope and skills today to survive to rigors of life. The Joy of Jesus has been bold in terms of clustering centers of vital information to assist in the process of social economic development. Our centers include; Business, Education, Health Care, Jobs/Careers and Poverty Centers to this end. Now our LBU Bible University of Pure Enlightenment for all people.

The Bible University is committed to excellence of scholarship in divinity. We need donations to grow our work. We encourage people to share our vision and work to all. Join The Joy of Jesus today and share in our Glorious Quest of Perfection.

Dr.James A. Lee

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