The Word The Joy of Jesus Rev. Dr. James A. Lee

What would life be without joy? When a child is born in the world it gives the parents and related families tremendous joy. We can find joy in all types of activities if one so desires. The real question is what gives Jesus Joy?

Many years ago a child was born under the most adverse circumstances. Born in a manger with all of the burdens of the world on his life. The governments rested on him.

Jesus was born to save the world from sin.The Joy of The Lord is doing the perfect will of God. Do you know of anyone who who die for your sins and was so perfect in doing the absolute will of his father?

The Joy of The Lord is our Salvation. This is the good news. Jesus died in the cross so that we who believe in Him shall have everlasting life. God raised Him with all power and glory. Jesus will return to set all things right. The Joy of The Lord is my salvation

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