The Joy of Jesus Rev. Dr. James A. Lee Power

Do you often feel weak and powerless against the forces of life sometimes? There are so many events and changes occurring that one can easily get lost in the utter confusion of it all. What can the average person do?

The Joy of Jesus is idea that no matter how weak one may be; there is a great power. Faith is vital to ones belief system. Faith is the shield of God in a Godless world. We must place all of our trust in The Power of God to The Joy of Jesus.

The real question today is how does one access The Power of God? The answer my friend is written. The meek shall inherit the earth. In other words one must submit to the absolute authority of God through Christ Jesus.

In closing, Jesus gave His life on the cross for all of the sins of world, and The Power of God raised Jesus with all power and glory. Jesus will return to wipe away all tears and evil will never be remembered. Weeping may endure for a night, but The Joy of Jesus will come in the morning.

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