The Joy of Jesus Supports Women's History

Press Release;

Women have made some remarkable contributions to history. March is the month where we celebrate those contributions through-out time. The Joy of Jesus salutes everything that women mean to civilization. The efforts of most women have been often overlooked. We acknowledge such important acts of sacrifice.

The Joy of Jesus Church is a new theology based upon hope and opportunity. We promote the social economic betterment of all people, particularly that of women. Our centers of excellence are positioned in the following areas: Parenting Skills; Education, Health Care, Business Development, World Outreach, Green Technology, and Poverty Studies as well.

Join The Joy of Jesus Salute to Women's History Month The Rev. Dr. James A. Lee ask that you either make a cash free contribution by getting our free toolbar that helps the needy, or visit our sponsors all of whom will make a donation by your visit. You can also my a direct contribution too. Visit The Joy of Jesus and share this online service with your contacts

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