A Green Tech/Business Model for the Future

Green Technology provides a new method of developing products, goods and services that do not harm the environment and at the same time generating revenue to advance society. The Joy of Jesus Church has taken a faith based approach to green technology. Our goal is to foster this information in one major simplex.

The Joy of Jesus is a new and aggressive organization chiefly concerned about the social economic development of people and ideas. The Green Technology Center is one of many initiatives. We offer the following centers: Business, Education, Jobs/Careers, Parenting, Health-Care,and Poverty Research Institute to service peoples needs today.

The Green Tech. Center is ready to provide you with fast cutting-edge information. The Joy of Jesus Church needs your help to help others as well. Get our toolbars that invest in people in need. You may also donate too. Please share this news with your contacts. This will help our economy and create jobs. Dr. James A. Lee invites you to visit.

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