Hope for Today The Joy of Jesus Church

The Joy of Jesus Church is Hope
by Dr.James A. Lee
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Have you ever had something that was so precious to you, and lost it? What should one do under such circumstances? There many people today that have very little hope for the future. The Joy of Jesus Church has found the answer to such a dilemma.

The Bible tells a story about a woman who had a precious coin collection and lost one that she truly valued. What did she do? She cleaned up her house searching everywhere until she found it.

People are losing hope today due to the horrible economic conditions. We must look quickly to Scripture. The Bible states that when our dear woman found what she valued and lost she rejoiced with a celebration with her loved ones.

Where is our hope. All of our hope is in the Lord of all salvation. Jesus gave His life on the cross and was raise by God. The promise of all hope is that Jesus shall return and save all who believe in Him. This is the reason for all hope in The Joy of Jesus Church for you.

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